Parenthesis 32


Chairman’s Letter | Martyn Ould


Lawrence Durrell, The Private Publications, part 2 | Peter Baldsin
Daniel Hees, Printer and artist | Wilfried Onzea
Darmstadt books, Two publications of the Hessisches LandesmuseumChristof Gassner and Katrin Holst
Brabo | Fernando Mello
Marbled Papers, A preliminary survey | Introduction by Philippa Marks

Book Reviews

Epistles to the Torontonians | reviewed by Robert Bringhurst
Venice | reviewed by Colin Martin
Owain Glyndŵr’s Court | reviewed by Andrew Johnson
Hard High-country Poems | reviewed by Simon Loxley
Vestige | reviewed by Colin Martin
Front Street Editions | reviewed by Michael Taylor
The Winding Tower | reviewed by Brian D. Cohen
The California Tradition | reviewed by Will Hill
The Lost Colours of the Cyclades | reviewed by Colin Martin

Books Briefly Noted | Paul W. Nash

A book at bedtime | Swithin Crumb