Parenthesis 31


Chairman’s Letter | Jason Dewinitz
David Johnston, 1985–2015

Harry Duncan: the Man and the Work

New England Novitiate | Harry Duncan
An Apprentice’s Story | Juan Nicanor Pascoe
A Checklist of Printed Work, 1939–1997 | Michael Peich & Denise Brady
Printing Letterpress Palatino | Jerry Kelly
Movable Book Artists Who Move Me | Kyle Olmon
Principles, Second Thoughts, and Final Answers | Robert Bringhurst
Fine Printing at Harvard | William Cole

THESIS: Student work from Mills College

Three Kinds of Collectors | Jean-François Vilain, Lynne Farrington, Mark Samuels Lasner


Trading Eights | reviewed by Crispin Elsted
On Physical Lines | reviewed by Leonard Seastone
In the Garden of Earthly Delights | reviewed by Jean-François Vilain
Good Data/Bad Data | reviewed by Paul W. Romaine
Ashima & Axi Fire Festival | reviewed by Elizabeth Curren
Printess & the p. | reviewed by Oliver Clark
Typographical Ornata Et Cetera | reviewed by Jamie Murphy
The Private Press Today | reviewed by James Freemantle
Giambattista Bodoni | reviewed by Paul F. Gehl
Fantasies & Hard Knocks | reviewed by Mark Batty
Color in American Fine and Private Press Books | reviewed by Sebastian Carter

Books Briefly Noted | Paul W. Nash