Fine Press Book Association membership is divided between North America and UK/rest of the world. In addition to receiving two issues of Parenthesis, members qualify to apply for a table at the Manhattan and Oxford Fine Press Book Fairs.

North America

The North American membership year begins on 1 January. Standard annual membership is $50 for individuals, $60 for institutions. Deluxe annual membership is $225 and student memberships are $25. We will also soon be offering a new Passport Membership that includes membership in both the FPBA and the College Book Arts Association for $80, a savings of $20.

UK and Rest of the World

The UK membership year begins on 1 June. Standard annual membership is £28 in the UK, £35 in the rest of the world. Deluxe annual membership is £125 in UK and £135 in the rest of world. Student membership in the UK is £20.

Standard annual membership is US$50 for individuals in North America, US$60 for institutions in North America, UK£28 in the UK, and UK£35 in the rest of the world. De luxe annual membership is US$225 in North America, UK£125 in the UK, and UK£135 in the rest of the world.

Student memberships are also available in North America for US$25 and in the UK for UK£20.

NA subscriptions generally begin with an even-numbered issue, while rest-of-world subscriptions usually begin with an odd-numbered one, due to the time of renewal followed by each group.

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