New Books

If you are a private press and have a new book that you would like to have listed in the next issue of Parenthesis, and also posted here, please complete the New Book Submission Form below. Submissions are compiled and are posted on the website, and published in Parenthesis, twice annually.

2021 Submissions

Two Trick Pony Press

Two Trick Pony Press. Sarah Scarr, 300 James I Harrison Junior Parkway East, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35405, U.S.A. Tel: +1 5714 427 771. Website:

Sarah Scarr and Sophie Strohmeier. Gay and Lesbian Studies. 2021. 30 pp. 254 × 165 mm. Poliphilus on Zerkall and Masa with ten drawings by Sophie Strohmeier interpreted typographically by Sarah Scarr. Printed on a Vandercook No. 4 proof press. 45 copies in printed paper-covered boards, leather endbands and spine-label, price $350.00. Four of the illustrations are fold-outs, two incorporating direct prints from fishnet stockings.


Seymour Press

Seymour Press. C. B. Sherlock, 25 Seymour Avenue SE, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55414, U.S.A. Tel: +1 612 554 3833. Website:

Honoré de Balzac. A Day Elsewhere: Chateau Laréole. 2021. 18pp. 235 × 305 mm. Caslon Old Style on BFK Rives with seven chine collé illustrations by C. B. Sherlock. Printed on a Vandercook No. 4 press. 18 copies, the sheets loose in a paper wrapper in a leather-covered clamshell box, price $1500.


The Old School Press

Old School Press. Martyn and Angela Ould, Cliff Edge, Beer Hill, Seaton, Devon EX12 2QD, England. Tel: +44 (0)1297 24689. Website:

Hugh Rutt. Making Paper at Abbey Mills. Edited by Martyn Ould. 2021. 63 pp. 205 × 273 mm. Romulus on Basingwerk Parchment and Abbey Mills. Printed on a Western proof press. 65 copies in quarter cloth with patterned paper-covered boards, spine-label, price £85. The mill manager’s description of the process of making paper from esparto grass in the 1920s, with a selection of mid-century texts printed on eleven different colours of Abbey Mills laid papers.


Tudor Black Press

Tudor Black Press. Hugh Macfarlane, 9 Rue de Frontenay, Lion de Marnes, Marnes,Deux Sevres 79600, France. Tel: +44 (0)780 586168. Website:

Dante Gabriel Rossetti. The Blessed Damozel. 2020. 27 pp. 170 × 250 mm. Caslon Old Face. Printed on an Albion hand press press. 40 copies: 35 on Somerset Book, in quarter vellum with blue hand-made paper-covered boards, spine- and cover-labels, in a slip case, price £145; five on Margaux Timotee hand-made paper, in full blue leather, not for sale. The bindings were executed by the printer.


The Reading Room Press

Reading Room Press. Miles Wigfield, Coneygar Lodge, Quenington, Cirencester, Gloucestershire GL7 5BZ, England. Tel: +44 (0)1285 750662. Website:

Simon Brett. Thirty More Years: Bookplates 1990–2020. 2020. 52 pp. 263 × 190 mm. Perpetua on Zerkall with 34 wood-engravings by Brett. Printed on an Albion hand-press. 190 copies in quarter dark green cloth with patterned paper-covered boards, £75.00. The cover-paper is a repeat pattern based on one of Brett’s wood-engravings. The first 100 copies are accompanied by an extra tipped-in bookplate, signed by the artist.


Hirundo Press

Hirundo Press. Caroline Saltzwedel, Woldsenweg 18, Hamburg 20249, Germany. Tel: +49 40494546.

Caroline Saltzwedel. Querschnitt durch die Schwarze Kunst. 2020. 36 pp. 145 × 210 mm. Gill Sans and Futura on translucent Enduro Ice with six double-page panoramas and a plan composed of printer’s ornaments and rules by Salzwedel. Printed on a Heidelberg cylinder press. 120 copies: 110 sewn into printed red card covers and translucent printed paper wrappers, price €50; ten copies printed on double-size leaves (145 × 420 mm) attached together with book-screws, in a grey cloth-covered portfolio, with additional prints and a proof of one of the images. Price on application. The text (in German) is confined to the wrappers, title-page and colophon. The pages mostly bear elevations and a plan of the interior of the printroom in the Museum of Work in Hamburg (where Caroline does her letterpress printing), printed in multiple shades of grey. The book is intended to document an institution whose future is at risk.


Wigtown Press

Wigtown Press. Helen Morley, 13 Bank Street, Wigtown, Nr Newton Stewart, Dumfries and Galloway DG8 9HR, Scotland. Tel: +44 (0)1988 402802. Website:

Mark Vernon Thomas. Raven Sits. 2020. 4 leaves (concertina-folded). 260 × 200 mm. Baskerville on Zerkall with two acrylic-engraving (one on the cover) by Helen Morley. Printed on a Cropper Minerva treadle press. 50 copies sewn into printed card covers, price £40.


Bonnefant Press

Bonnefant Press. Hans van Eijk, Pastoor Pendersstraat 21 Banholt, 6262 PB, Netherlands. Tel: +00316 1105 7971.

John Audelay. De Quinque Sensus. 2019. 8 pp. 205 × 135 mm. Wilhelm-Klongspor-Schrift on J. B. Green ‘Chilham’. Printed on a Korrex Nürnberg press. 36 copies sewn into paper covers, price €20. The first in a series of pamphlets showing types designed by Rudolph Koch.

John Clare. The Crow Sat on the Willow. 2020. 12 pp. 205 × 135 mm. Claudius on J. B. Green ‘Chilham’ with with a drawing by Rigby Graham printed from a line-block. Printed on a Korrex Nürnberg press. 36 copies sewn into paper covers, price €25. Issued in a series of pamphlets showing types designed by Rudolph Koch.

William Cowper. On My Dog. 2020. 16 pp. 205 × 135 mm. Koch Antiqua on Gampi. Printed on a Korrex Nürnberg press. 36 copies sewn into brown paper covers, price €25. Issued in a series of pamphlets showing types designed by Rudolph Koch.


The Fork and Broom Press

Fork and Broom Press. Annette C. Disslin, Oppenweher Str. 9, Stemwede, NRW D-32351, Germany. Tel: +49 176 46 10 50 26. Website:

William Wordsworth. Three Sonnets. 2020. 20 pp. 290 × 200 mm. Garamond on Hahnenmühle and Satogami Japanese hand-made with three linocut background blocks by A. C. Disslin. Printed on a Grafix proof press. 15 copies in full green cloth, in a translucent dust-jacket, €80. The linocuts are printed in ‘fading’ colours behind the text. The book was printed to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Wordsworth’s birth.


Cordes Press

Cordes Press. Dr Kevin Cordes, 45 Cuckoo Hall Lane, Edmonton, London N9 8DH, United Kingdom. Tel: +44 (0)7789084209. Website:

Simon Casimir Wilson. Lust Poem. 2020. 63 pp. 235 × 160 mm. Lawrence Sans on Hahnemühle and Zerkall with a three-colour woodcut by Ralph Kiggell. Printed on Albion and Arab presses. 100 copies in quarter pink leather with yellow cloth-covered boards, price £150.


St James Park Press

St James Park Press. James Freemantle, 19 Vandon Court, 64 Petty France, Westminster, London SW1H 9HE, United Kingdom. Tel: +44 (0)7792418373. Website:

James Freemantle. King Arthur: Excalibur. 2020. 25 pp. 254 × 165 mm. Dante with four wood-engravings by Jane Randfield. Printed on an Albion Press. 100 copies: 65 on Zerkall papers, in paper-covered boards, paper dust-jacket, price £225; 35 on Maureen Richardson/Paper Foundation hand-made papers, in paper-covered boards, with a portolio of proof impressions of the wood-engravings on Kozo Japanese paper, together in a solander box, price £385.


Leslie Gerry Editions

Leslie Gerry Editions. Leslie Gerry, The Eight Gabled House, Dowdeswell, Gloucestershire GL54 4LX, United Kingdom. Tel: +44 (0)1242 820653. Website:

Edith Wharton. Marrakesh. 2020. 96 pp. 480 × 320 mm. Bembo with 30 colour paintings by Leslie Gerry. Printed on an Epson digital printer. 90 copies: 80 on Bockingford and Zerkall mould-made papers, in quarter leather with printed cloth-covered boards, in a slip case, price £1450; ten on Moulin du Gue and Zerkall papers, in full inlaid leather, with a set of progressive prints and a miniature volume, together in a solander box, price £4720. A collection of paintings made on a visit to Marrakesh in 2019, accompanied by an extract from Wharton’s In Morocco (1920).


Jeremy Greenwood

Jeremy Greenwood. 1 Warren Hill Road, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 4DT, United Kingdom. Tel: +44 (0)1394 380044.

Jeremy Greenwood. John Nash: Newly Discovered Engravings and Drawings. 2020. 32 pp. 320 × 245 mm. Sabon on Lambeth Cartridge with 17 wood-engravings, ten drawings and two etchings by John Nash. Printed lithographically by J. W. Northend. 200 copies in full cloth, cover-label, price £43. A supplement to The wood-engravings of John Nash (Wood Lea Press, 1987).


Parvenu Press

Parvenu Press. Carolyn Trant, 17 St Anne’s Crescent, Lews, East Sussex BN7 1SB, England. Tel: +44 (0)7906 868361. Website:

Carolyn Trant. The Daily Print and Horrorscope. 2019. 14 pp. 200 × 140 mm. With six woodcuts by the author. Printed on a Rollaco etching press. 12 copies in quarter ‘Gorilla tape’ with corrugated cardboard-covered boards, price £85. Printed entirely from woodcuts. The first in the Press’s series ‘cartonera’ books on political and social themes.

Carolyn Trant. Map of Lost Cuckoos. 2019. 24 pp. 300 × 160 mm. With 12 hand-coloured woodcuts by the author. Printed on a Rollaco etching press. 32 copies: 20 printed over newspaper articles reflecting climate change, in quarter cloth with corrugated cardboard-covered boards, cover-label, price £85; 12 on Somerset paper, concertina-folded in a larger format (300 × 185 mm), in full cloth, cover-label, price £175. Printed entirely from woodcuts. In the Press’s series of books on climate change, highlighting a British bird threatened with extinction.


Corvus Works

Corvus Works. Christopher Wakeling, 9 Ravenside Terrace, Blackhill, Consett, Durham DH8 0LB, England. Tel: +44 (0)7824 397664. Website:

C. M. Leumane. The Lambton Worm. Introductory essay by Dr Helen Williams. 2019. 16 pp. 275 × 190 mm. Sabon and Optima on Zerkall and Hahnemühle with drawings by Sara Ogilvie printed from line-blocks. Printed on a Victoria Art Platen press. 80 copies (58 for sale) in quarter cloth with paper-covered boards, cover-label, price £35. An annotated edition of the famous Geordie ballad, first performed in pantomime in 1867.

Thomas James Cobden-Sanderson. Shakespearian Punctuation. Foreword by Christopher Wakeling. 2020. 16 pp. 165 × 250 mm. Palatino on Arches and Hahnemühle. Printed on a Korrex Hannover proof press. 70 copies sewn into dark green paper wrappers, cover-label, £22. Originally written as a letter to the editor of The Times in 1912, accompanied by the text from the Doves Press announcement of forthcoming editions of Shakespeare.


Deep Wood Press

Deep Wood Press. Chad Pastotnik, P.O. Box 726, Mancelona, Michigan 49659, U.S.A. Tel: +1 231 587 0506. Website:

Franz Kafka. In the Penal Colony. Translated by Breon Mitchell. 2018. 37 pp. 327 × 250 mm. Janson with six etchings by Dellas Henke. Printed on a Vandercook 219OS proof press. 39 copies: 30 on Somerset paper, in quarter black morocco with Fabriano paper-covered boards, in a slip case, price £1300; six on Somerset and Barcham Green papers, in full decorated leather, in a clamshell box, price £1700; three on Barcham Green hand-made paper, in full leather, price £1700 (out of print). A new translation commissioned for this edition.