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If you are a private press and have a new book that you would like to have listed in the next issue of Parenthesis, announced in a Marketplace email sent to subscribing FPBA members, and also posted here, please complete the New Book Submission Form below. Submissions are compiled and are posted on the website, and published in Parenthesis, twice annually.

2023 Submissions

Serena Smith

Serena Smith. Serena Smith, 8a The Oval, Oadby, Leicester LE2 5JB, UK. Tel: +447986839363. Website:

Serena Smith. Heteroglossia. 2023. 43 pages. 570 x 470 mm. Times New Roman on Simili Japon 225 gsm, nine hand-coloured stone lithographs by Smith. Printed with direct transfer lithography press and hand offset lithography press (Hunter Penrose ‘Imperial’). Edition of 7 + 3 APs. Case bound by Smith in hand-washed cotton book cloth with letterpress text. POA. Alongside quotations from technical printing handbooks, this lithographic glossary contains a miscellany of information from other fields of knowledge.  Its material aesthetics are inspired by the 19th century anatomical volumes of surgeon-anatomists Robert Carswell and Joseph Maclise, and its written content makes subtle allusion to the lives and bodies embedded in stone lithography’s materials, process, and printed ephemera. Online images available at

E-publication at


Marcona Press

Marcona Press. Virginia McClure, 887 McMeekin Place, Lexington, KY 40502, USA. Tel: +18599829744. Website:

Carolyn Reading Hammer. Woman with a Book In Her Hand. 2021. 25 pages. 254 x 165 mm.

Emerson on Hahnemühle Biblio. Printed on Vandercook and iron hand press. 40 copies bound by Virginia McClure in a double pamphlet with a soft cover and wrapper of St. Armand Canal card stock, with title printed on the wrapper. Price: $75.


Titan & Weald

Titan & Weald. Isak Applin, 3457 82nd St. #6C, Jackson Heights, NY 11372, USA. Tel: +1773 456 8801. Website:

Isak Applin. Oh, the Wind and Rain. 2022. 29 pages. 255 x 170 mm. Monotype Bembo on dampened white Zerkall Book, 10 wood engravings by Applin. Printed on Albion iron handpress. 30 copies: 22 bound in-house at Titan & Weald, quarter-bound in black cloth and Evergreen Bugra papers with design printed in black, label on spine, price: $575; 8 sets of the engravings printed on loose sheets and encased in portfolios, including title page, contents page, epigraph and colophon (total of 14 sheets printed recto, 265 x 185 mm), and enclosed in drop-spine boxes (290 x 200 x 20 mm) covered in black cloth and Evergreen Bugra papers and made by Campbell-Logan Bindery, price: $575.

The ten wood engravings were feverishly drawn during the early months of the Covid pandemic, while the constant wail of ambulances surrounded the artist’s home and studio in Queens. The prints attempt to record the trauma of the moment and recall a world that suddenly vanished.


The Prototype Press

The Prototype Press. Mark Sarigianis, 3835 Tranquility Place, Indian Head, MD 20640, USA. Tel: +17036154868. Website:

Rudyard Kipling. Rikki-tikki-tavi. 2023. 29 pages. 380 x 250 mm. Handset 18pt Italian Old Style on handmade paper from Papeterie St. Armand, Montreal, 5 photopolymer illustrations by Chuck Jones. Printed on Vandercook 32-28. 28 copies half-bound in black goat leather with handmade yellow paper, spine title gold stamped, and housed in a slipcase covered in handmade paper with a gold flash-drive containing the 1975 animated cartoon by Chuck Jones. Price: $1,500.


Starshaped Press

Starshaped Press. Jen Farrell, 4636 N. Ravenswood #103, Chicago, IL 60640, USA. Tel: +17737286359. Website:

Jennifer Farrell, with contributions from the community-at-large. Tummy Ache. 2023. 1 page (poster). 14 x 20 in. Various typefaces on Fabriano Tiziano and French paper. Printed on Vandercook SP15. 50 copies: 25 folded to fit within hardboard, French paper wrapped covers that are also printed, the poster portion being printed on both sides for this edition only, price: $250; 25 without binding, poster only, price: $85.

For the second in a series of poster books addressing an uncomfortable connection with the American healthcare system, I reached out to the public to share comments they received from the medical establishment in regards to intense GI issues. The interior features comments made by medical professionals. The cover shows comments made by family/friends/strangers who don’t understand the complexities of GI issues. All of it is set with a selection of metal type from the Starshaped Press collection.


Peter and Donna Thomas

Peter and Donna Thomas. Peter Thomas, 260 15th Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95062, USA. Tel: +18315152757.

Peter Thomas, Donna Thomas and Guy Van Cleve. Goodbye Bonita Lagoon, A Papermaker’s Elegy. 2023. 80 pages. 300 x 225 mm. Neuland and wood type on cotton rag paper handmade by Peter Thomas, 10 linocut illustrations by Donna Thomas, 8 folios variously handmade using pampas grass, Kahili ginger, New Zealand flax, wild radish, century plant, bird of paradise, tule, blackberry, and a single sheet made from lawn clippings, each folio with a single cotton-rag insert. Printed on Vandercook Universal 1, Pearl Golding, Ganes Brother Gooseneck hot stamp press. 30 copies bound by Peter and Donna Thomas in a tri-fold binding with 2 leather spines and sewn accordion binding structure, cloth over boards, light green linen cloth letterpress printed with three color linocut print on front cover, and title blind stamped on spine in brown foil. Price: $975.

In each of the 8 plant-paper folios, the single sheet insert has a linocut of the plant, and name of the corresponding plant printed in various sizes and styles with wood type. The binding design both protects the fore edge and accommodates its being thinner than the spine. An inside cover board gives the viewer a substantial page to hold as the accordion is extended, as a flag book, for reading the text or viewing all the plant papers at once. The binding is an original design by Peter and Donna Thomas, based on the case bound fold-out accordion and accordion pleat spine structures described in their More Making Books by Hand (Quarry Books, 2004).


Fox Ash Press

Fox Ash Press. David Jury, 73 Hungerdown Lane, Lawford,, Essex Manningtree, UK. Tel: +447944809024. Website:

Peter Kennedy. P D Kennedy is From Brunlea. 2022. 48 pages. 450mm x 380 mm. Monotype Grot 216 on Zerkal 145gsm, smooth, illustrations by Kennedy. Printed on Vandercook proofing press. 25 copies: bound by Patrick Auer (Flyleaf Book Binding), 48 leaves tabbed, glued, and concertina-folded and held within paper-covered boards with a cloth spine and then boxed. Price: £2,250.

Letterpress printed with 48 tipped-in photographs. When the concertina-folded sheets are fully open the text forms a chimney stack that is 33 feet tall. Kennedy’s father was a renowned steeplejack, and on the frontispiece Kennedy is seen with his father on a chimney exactly three times taller than the text of this book. The text concerns Kennedy’s great escape from Brunlea in 1971 and the following three years at college discovering girls, alcohol, art, and books – in that order.


Plain Wrapper Press Redux

Plain Wrapper Press Redux. Mark Fischer, 1008 Clinton Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA. Tel: +12672506000. Website:

Lisa Tetrault. Declaration of Sentiments. 2023. 24 pages. 290 x 200 mm. Diotima on Velke Losiny Prague, 2 letterpress-printed images by Susan Lowdermilk from original wood engravings and from polymer plates of printed wooden type. Printed on 219 Vandercook. 100 copies bound by Jace Graf at Cloverleaf Studio, quarter-bound in Medium Blue Harmatan Goatskin and blue Hahnemühle Bugra paste papers designed and produced by Sandy Tilcock,  spine stamped in gold with the book title, hardboard slipcase covered in Cobalt Blue Colorplan paper and dry-stamped with the Plain Wrapper Press pressmark. Price: $390.


Old Fan Press

Old Fan Press. Frank Hamrick, 1302 E. Mississippi Avenue, Ruston, LA 71270, USA. Tel: +14787879932. Website:

Frank Hamrick. When the light becomes eternal. 2023. 16 pages. 8.625 x 8.5 in. Craw Modern on Double sided matte Red River Paper, 14 photographs by Frank Hamrick. Printed on Vandercook Universal. 59 copies: 9 proof; 50 pamphlet bound with handmade cotton rag covers and end sheet paper, sewn through cover, end sheet and text block with 18/3 Irish linen thread. Price: $100.

The title “When the light becomes eternal” is based on a toy drone’s poorly translated instructions. The book includes 14 prints from tintype photographs altered by moving subjects, shifting light, failing equipment, recycled materials, as well as contaminated, homemade, and exhausted chemistry conveying something more than had originally been intended.


Mnemonic Press

Mnemonic Press. Harriet Bart, Studio #308, 250 Third Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55401, USA. Tel: +16123751598. Website:

Ilya Selvinsky, translated by Dr. Maxim D. Shrayer. I Saw It. 2023. 38 pages. 10 in x 6.5 in. Preissig Roman on Rives BFK 180 gsm, 7 cut paper illustrations, cut from black Strathmore text by Harriet Bart, printed from polymer plates by Philip Gallo. Printed on a Vandercook No. 4 by Philip Gallo at Hermetic Press. 37 copies: 35 and 2AP, bound by Sherelyn Ogden, fitted into Graphite-toned Plike Wrappers and enclosed in clamshell box fabricated by Cambell-Logan Bindery and covered in matte black Japanese book cloth, with the image of the “falling figure,” taken from the book, foil-stamped in black on the cover of the box. Price: $1200.

The book presents the poem of the same title written by the Jewish-Russian constructivist poet Ilya Selvinsky (1899-1968). In January 1942, while serving as a military journalist, Selvinsky  witnessed the immediate aftermath of the massacre of thousands of Jews outside the Crimean city of Kerch and published this poem about it.


Incline Press

Incline Press. Graham Moss, 36 Bow Street, Oldham, Lancashire OL1 1SJ, UK. Tel: +441616271966, Website:

Peter S Smith. Near Thursbitch. 2023. 8 pages plus trifold single-sheet foldout. 180 x 130 mm. Fairbank and Baker on Zerkall 170 gsm, 1 wood engraving (black ink) by Smith. Printed on Autovic. 175 copies, trifold handsewn, handmade cover paper from Papeterie St. Armand, Montreal. Price: £36.

Peter S Smith RE, wood engraver, was drawn by the story of a curious memorial stone, and that stone is the subject of this booklet. Smith tells its story and shows his boxwood engraving of the stone, an oblique tale and an oblique engraving. It is shown as the centre of the trifold, the text from the two faces of the stone holding his engraving in their grip.

The story is set in Fairbank, issued in 1929; the cut lettering is represented by Russell Maret’s Baker type, issued in 2016.


Incline Press

Incline Press. Graham Moss, 36 Bow Street, Oldham, Lancashire OL1 1SJ, UK. Tel: +441616271966. Website:

Nancy Campbell. Songs of the small hours. 2023. 12 pages. 220 x 125 mm. Baskerville on Zerkall and handmade paper from Two Rivers Mill, Watchet, Somerset. Printed on Autovic. 160 copies: 80 on Zerkall, 80 on handmade paper, both editions in a non-adhesive binding sewn onto re-used Vellum strips and wrapped in blue Two Rivers handmade stiff wrapper paper. Price: £48.


Bonnefant Press

Bonnefant Press. Hans van Eijk, Pastoor Pendersstraat 21, Banholt, (L) 6262 PB, Netherlands. Tel: +31 611057971.

Eleanor Hooker. Where Memory Lies. 2023. 46 pages. 260 x 175 mm. Bembo on handmade off-white Loshin, 5 portraits (inkjet) and various drawings (line-block) by Stephen Rhatigan. Printed on Korrex Nürnberg proof press. 55 copies: 42 in paper covers and dark green Richard de Bas handmade chiné paper wrappers by Philipp Janssen (Boekbinderij Phoenix), price: £95; 10 in quarter natural white vellum with dark green Richard de Bas handmade chiné paper boards, with paper chemise, price: £195; 3 in quarter dark green vellum with dark green Richard de Bas handmade chiné paper boards, with paper chemise, price: NFS.

A series of poems and short plays based on documents and official reports about five women who suffered violence, injustice and death during the Irish revolution in the early 1920s.


The Reading Room Press

The Reading Room Press. Miles Wigfield. Coneygar Lodge, Quenington, Cirencester, Glos GL7 5BZ, UK. Tel: +447798877196. Website:

Lewis Carroll. The Hunting of the Snark. 2022. 72 pages. 270 x 203 mm. Koch-Antiqua on Zerkall, with wood engravings (eight and four vignettes) by Ian Corfe-Stephens. Printed on an Albion press. 63 copies. Casebound by Ludlow Bookbinders, purple quarter cloth with patterned paper derived from a photograph of a geological phenomenon ‘hornfels’, price: £150 (out of print).


Greenboathouse Press

Greenboathouse Press. Jason Dewinetz, Box 1551, Vernon, BC, V1T 8C2. Website:

Kevin McPherson Eckhoff. Circadia. Greenboathouse Press. September 2022. 48 pp. 280 x 160mm mm. Monotype Deepdene & Alternate Gothic (cast in-house at Greenboathouse Press) on Hahnemuhle Ingres with by Jason Dewinetz. Printed on a Vandercook 219. 65 copies. Awarded First Prize in the Limited Editions category of the Alcuin Society’s Awards for Excellence in Book Design in Canada. 60 + 5 hors commerce bound by the printer, sewn on tapes with double end-sheets and a stiff paper case, these papers all handmade by St Armand. Title printed on front and spine. Price: $400.00.


Peter and Donna Thomas

Peter and Donna Thomas. Peter Thomas. 260 15th Ave., Santa Cruz, CA 95062, USA. Tel: +18314751455.  Website:

Peter and Donna Thomas. Paper Samples/Our lives with paper: an autobiography told through handmade paper samples. 2022. 105 pages and 46 cotton rag folders in a single wooden file box. Book: 11 x 8.5 in. Box: 10 x 14 x 5.375 in. Folders: 8.5 x 11 in. Neuland and Goudy Modern P22 for book via Kindle Direct Publishing, 60pt Neuland for folder numerals printed on a Vandercook Universal One. 6 copies, price: $2800.  This is a collection of examples of handmade paper made by Peter and Donna Thomas between 1975 and 2018. The samples are organized chronologically and described in the full-color perfect-bound digitally-printed book. Both are housed in a custom wooden file box made from Baltic birch. Further details can be found on our website at


Springtide Press

Springtide Press. Jessica Spring. 818 N. Yakima, Tacoma, WA 98403, USA. Tel: +12536278629. Website:

Percy Bysshe Shelley (poem) and Alyce DeMarais (bisphenol contamination data). Tensile: A sublime love story. 2022. 10 pages. 203 x 152 mm, expands to 1524 mm. Garamont Italic (cast by Gregory Walters) on Rite-in-the-Rain, Plike, with10 illustrations by Jessica Spring, printed directly from single-use plastics including bread-bag ties, milk bottle caps, drinking straws and contact lens containers. Printed on a Vandercook Universal 1. 35 copies in leporello structure with pop-up text panels and plastic covers in a plastic box, bound by Gabby Cooksey, price: $650. Tensile weaves together Shelley’s “Love’s Philosophy”, a 19th century poem of seduction, with current research on bisphenol contamination in our environment and bodies. Used to manufacture plastics and resins for food and drink packaging, bisphenol impacts the endocrine system, impairing development and reproductive health. Illustrations are created from a variety of single-use plastics to create sublime landscapes and explore the irony of our love affair with this monster of our own creation.


Angel Bomb

Angel Bomb. Todd Thyberg. 1500 Jackson St. NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413, USA. Tel: +16127701153. Website:

John W. Campbell. Who Goes There? Angel Bomb. 2022. 60 pages. 277 x 212 mm. Ehrhardt Monotype on Classic Crest Bare White 100# Eggshell, with 19 digitally created pencil illustrations in 1-4 colors by Todd Thyberg. Printed on a Heidelberg Cylinder & Vandercook 219. 250 copies: 200 copies in quarter contrasting Wicker color cloth, blind emboss on cover of Japanese Blue Twine book cloth, bound at Midwest Editions in Minneapolis, MN, price: $150 (out of print); 50 copies in quarter bound in leather with blind emboss on cover, same book cloth as above, bound at Campbell-Logan Bindery in Blaine, MN, price: $700 (out of print). The deluxe edition comes with a triptych portfolio case for the book, bound in identical cloth and containing a hand-altered map of Antarctica on the inside as well as a folder of 5 letterpress prints of illustrations from the book. The portfolio closes with twine and contains a hand-sculpted and painted resin medallion on the front cover.


The Counter Press

The Counter Press. Elizabeth Ellis and David Marshall. 3 Dower Cottages, Barrow Hill, Wick, South Glos. BS30 5RQ, UK. Tel: +447725913618. Website:

Elizabeth Ellis and David Marshall (eds), Paul Barnes, Simon Esterson, Astrid Stavro and Erik Spiekermann (conts). Extra Condensed No.3. 2022. 12 pages. 304 x 431mm. Monotype Caslon Series 128. Printed on Vandercook SP20. 165 copies: 150 copies on 90gsm Newsprint, folded, price: £18; 15 copies on 160gsm South Bank Smooth, hand-single-section sewn with white thread, price: £35. Extra Condensed No.3 has been a long time in the making, arriving 6 years after the last, but it returns bigger and bolder. This issue takes condensed typography as its theme and features exclusive articles by Erik Spiekermann, Astrid Stavro, Paul Barnes and Simon Esterson, each bringing their own view of what that means to them and their work. It’s a celebration of these humble grotesque letterforms, richly brought to life through a combination of delicate metal and expressive wood type.


Incline Press

Incline Press. Graham Moss. Incline Press, 36 Bow Street, Oldham OL1 1SJ, UK.  Tel: +441616271966. Website:

Robert Burns with introduction by Graham Moss. A Bonnie New Garland of Robert Burns Love Songs and Poems. 2022. 36 pages. 240 x 135 mm. Monotype Scotch roman on Wookey Hole Mill paper, with a four-colour linocut frontispiece illustration by Petra Wonham and 15 vignette tailpieces by Thomas Bewick. Printed on Autovic. Ca. 50 copies: Hand stitched and bound at Incline Press, hardback with a cloth spine and decorated paper over boards from Helen Morley of Wigtown Press, price: £63. Twenty of Burn’s poems and songs, with a four-page introduction by Graham Moss. This book was made with the help of illustrator Petra Wonham, who selected the 20 pieces in this collection and did the bulk of the typesetting. A detailed prospectus with a sample of the decorated paper and a page from the book is available on request.


Wigtown Press

Wigtown Press. Helen Morley. 13 Bank Street, Wigtown, Dumfries and Galloway DG8 9HR, UK. Tel:  +447849926239. Website:

Helen Morley. Creation Matters. 2022. 22 pages. 200 x 275 mm. Baskerville 12pt on Zerkall, with 9 acrylic engravings by Helen Morley. Printed on Autovic. 50 copies hand-sewn by Helen Morley to ribbon and mull, hard case cover of green and gold paste paper, with spine and cover label, price: £70. The poem was set by Helen Morley; the press work, labels and layout, by Graham Moss of Incline Press.


Hermitage Editions

Hermitage Editions. Oli Howson. The Hermitage, Petersham Road, Richmond, Oxon OX161DG, UK. Tel: +447939257803. Website:

H.G Wells. The War of the Worlds. 2023. Variable pages. 243 x 168 mm. Hightower on Mohawk Superfine, printed letterpress, with up to 22 full-colour tipped-in illustrations on Munken Polar Smooth paper and illustrated endpapers on Colorplan Natural paper, both printed by Henry Ling.  286 copies: 250 copies printed by Hand & Eye, London, hand-bound by the Fine Book Bindery in quarter red leather and red Dubletta Cotton cloth, with headbands and ribbon, and a matching red clothbound slipcase, price: £350; 26 copies printed and bound as above except in full red leather, including a portfolio of illustrations by Eren Topçu giclée printed on Platinum Matt White paper by The Ink Pot, all contained in a Solander box, price:  £750; 10 copies printed as above, hand-bound by Temple Bookbinders of Oxford, in full red leather with a gold leaf Martian design on the cover, including portfolio as above, all in Solander box as above, price: £2500.


Taller Martín Pescador

Taller Martín Pescador. Juan Nicanor Pascoe. AP 79 Tacámbaro, Michoacán 61650, MX. Tel: +524591140668. Website:

Dante Alighieri, translated into Spanish by Francisco Segovia. La Piedra Amada / La Pietra Amata. Taller Martín Pescador. 2021. 48 pages. 260 x 160 mm. Poliphilus, Blado on Papeles de Ponte mouldmade paper from Mexico, with one title page portrait of Dante by Barry Moser. Printed on Ostrander Seymour handpress. 150 copies: 135 copies in quarter cloth and marbled paper sides, bound in Mexico City by Hardmade Taller, price: $150 (out of print); 15 copies with a special colophon page signed by Segovia and Moser in quarter leather with Twinrocker paper sides, in a black Japanese cloth slipcase, bound by Jace Graf at Cloverleaf Studio in Austin, Texas, price: $450. Special copies distributed in the USA by Full description and contact information at


Hatch Press

Hatch Press. Robert Tilleard. Pythouse Farm Cottage, Tisbury, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP3 6NY, UK. Tel: +44 01747870801. Website:

T. E. Lawrence. Crusader Castles. 2022. 90 pages. 215 x 157 mm. Garamond on St Cuthbert’s Mill A3 Bockingford inkjet watercolour paper, with 98 illustrations by Lawrence et al. Printed on an Epson XP-970. 50 copies quarter bound in buckram and paper by Robert Tilleard, spine label, price: £165. The text, maps, plans and photographs used are from the 1988 Clarendon Press edition edited by Denys Pringle. The introduction states: ‘The text of Crusader Castles published in this edition follows that of the Examiner’s Copy of the Thesis which was published in the first volume of the Golden Cockerel Press edition of 1936.’ It was prepared for the GCP by T. E.’s brother, A.W. from the 1910 typescript.


Corvus Works

Corvus Works. Christopher Wakeling, 9 Ravenside Terrace, Blackhill, Consett, Durham DH8 0LB, UK. Tel: +447824397664. Website:

Jack W. Stauffacher. Typographic Environments. 2023. 2d ed. 20 pages. 225 x 235 mm. Hunt Roman 18 and 24 point with Walbaum italic on Zerkall mould-made natural white rough finish, in black plus red-orange; a new drawing of Stauffacher by Sara Ogilvie, printed from a line block on Zerkall Ingres; black-and-white photograph of JWS with Hermann Zapf and Sumner Stone taken in 2001 by Dennis Letbetter on Platinum Etching. Printed on a Korrex Hannover test-press. 115 copies bound in-house at Corvus Works in Burnt Sienna Windsor Cloth spines with paper sides on boards, printed with half-tone portrait of JWS from a photograph taken by Ruth Teiser on 18 December 1968; title in Sistina capitals with Walbaum italic credit in dark brown and red-orange inks. Price: $95/£75. First edition printed as a keepsake in 2012/13 — 60 copies, half for Stauffacher, half for Corvus Works. Original text from a 1968 lecture by Stauffacher on the nature of the typographic book.


The Old School Press

The Old School Press. Martyn Ould. Cliff Edge, Beer Hill, Seaton, Devon EX12 2QD, UK. Tel: +44129724689. Website:

Martyn Ould. Only the printer knows. 2023. 24 pages. 345 x 245 mm. Dante on Batchelor handmade, probably from the making for the Bruce Rogers Lectern Bible. Printed on a Western 30 proof press. 62 copies: 40 copies quarter bound by Ludlow Bookbinders in boards with ‘Gold on plum’ splatter paper by Jemma Lewis for the boards, yellow cloth on the spine and paper label on front board, price: £90; 12 copies as above with a selection of fifty-nine letterpress ephemeral items from the Press in a clamshell archive box, together with a collection of ‘overs’ sheets from twenty-three past books, also in a clamshell archive box, the two boxes being held in a further clamshell archive box, all boxes bearing paper labels, price: £220 (out of print); 10 copies of the book as above with a selection of about forty past ephemeral items from the Press in a clamshell archive box, together with a collection of ‘overs’ sheets from about fifteen past books, also in a clamshell archive box, the two boxes being held in a further clamshell archive box, all boxes bearing paper labels, price: £150 (out of print). The book celebrates the thirty years that have passed since publication of our first book in 1992.


Richard Zauft Editions

Richard Zauft Editions. Richard Zauft. 58 Pantry Rd., Sudbury, Massachusetts 01776, USA. Tel: +19785051613. Website:

Ingeborg Bachmann and Peter Filkins (trans.). For this Brief Time. 2022. 36 pages. 304.8 x 206.3 mm. Adrianna and Acumen Variable Concept on Kozo, with six ink-jet printed photographs by Richard Zauft. Printed on a Vandercook SP15. 20 copies bound by Daniel Kelm (recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Guild of Bookworkers) with acid-etched brown Hanji papers over boards with a side-sewn binding design with folded fore-edge pages allowing additional texts to be inserted between the translucent Kozo paper pages, in a case constructed by Richard Zauft from Stone Leaf™ slate, price: $2100. Peter Filkins (recipient of the Berlin Prize and Outstanding Translation Award) provided twelve translations and an essay about Bachmann titled “Time’s Shadow.” Ingeborg Bachmann (1926 – 1973) is considered one of the most important German-language writers of the mid-twentieth century and one of the most celebrated in post-war Germany.


Emily Martin Artists Books & Prints

Emily Martin Artists Books & Prints. Emily Martin. 251 Manchester Lane, Iowa City, IA 52245, USA. Tel: +13194305775. Website:

Emily Martin, William Shakespeare. Madness: Reading Hamlet in the Time of Covid-19 and Other Plagues. 2022. 18 pages. 11 x 8 x 1 in. Baskerville and handwriting on Arches Text Wove, with paper collaged and printed puppet inclusions, hand-drawn Covid-19 cells, blood droplets, and bullet holes by Emily Martin. The puppets are costumed in papers made by Andrea Peterson. Printed on a Vandercook SP-15. 40 copies: 25 copies with the puppet inclusions in accordion binding with non-adhesive slip-on covers of Mary Hark case paper, title label on the front cover, and enclosed in a cloth-covered clamshell box, price:$1,500; 15 copies on Mohawk superfine with printed puppets in accordion binding with non-adhesive slip-on covers of Tiziano paper, title label on the front cover, and enclosed in an archival corrugated card clamshell box, price: $300. Madness was created during the pandemic. Its appearance and content are very much shaped by my time in isolation. Initially, I copied out the play Hamlet by hand starting in March 2020 because I was too anxious to sit and read. I struggled to make sense of the project in a world gone crazy. The text is a crazy quilt arrangement of lines from Hamlet and my writing on repeating themes of fear, disease, Black Lives Matter, Asian hate crimes, the insurrection, so much death and isolation, and more.


The Heavy Duty Press

The Heavy Duty Press. Michael Koppa. E10650 Old HWY 56, Liberty, WI 54664, USA. Tel: +16086065854. Website:

8t Bags About the Natural World. 2022. 24 pages. 110 x 65 mm. Century Expanded on Kitakata, with two linoleum engravings and metal type sorts by Michael Koppa. Printed on a Vandercook SP 15. 88 copies in pamphlet stitch, tucked into Hahnemuhle Bugra cover and slipped into muslin tea bag, price: $120. From the copyright page: Eight quotations from eight tea bags amidst eighty bags set in eighty fonts, annotated for reference in the forthcoming title, “Just My Type: Specimens from The Type Store at Der Klubhaus.”


Lark Sparrow Press

Lark Sparrow Press. Craig Jobson. 1726 Ashland Ave., Evanston, Illinois 60201-3546, USA. Tel: +18475339439. Website:

Lynn Sloan. Fortune Cookies. 2021/22. 72 pages. 30cm X 14cm. Handset 12/15 Plantin on 2,600 sheets of 11″ wide 12 ” high Stonehenge Cream 250 gsm, with spot art by Lynn McClain and 22 hand-tinted spot art and seven blind embossings for each book by Craig Jobson.  Printed on Vandercook IV letterpress. 20 copies: 10 copies full bound with book boards and crimson book cloth, sewn on boards, by Craig Jobson and Karen Hamner, price: $800; 10 full bound deluxe copies with exposed-sewing-over-tapes and digitally engraved, airbrushed front and back bamboo covers by Jobson and Hanmer, price: $900. Fortune Cookies is a multi-colored, 72-page, illustrated, letterpress printed, handbound collection of seven flash fiction stories in a limited edition of 20. Each story begins with a Mandarin/English title and a drop cap. The writer has observed complexities of fictional women who reflect the experiences of real women. All 20 copies use five different methods for printing: letterpress, intaglio, hand stamping, computer-generated typography (the fortunes), and digital engraving (bamboo covers).


Hand & Eye Editions

Hand & Eye Editions. Phil Abel. 12 Pinchin Street, Shadwell, London E1 1SA, UK. Tel: +442074889800.  Website:

Ruth Boswell. A Far Away Country. 2022. 198 pages. 210 x 125 mm. Minion Pro on Mohawk Superfine 148 gsm, with 10 line drawings by Angela Barrett. Printed on a Heidelberg SB cylinder. 230 copies: 120 copies full bound by Ludlow Bookbinders in red book cloth with reproduction of Czech child’s identity card glued on front board, price: £145; 100 copies on Bockingford 160 gsm, full bound by Ludlow Bookbinders in red, white and blue leather, price: £350; 10 copies on Bockingford 160 gsm, full bound by Ludlow Bookbinders in red, white and blue leather, price: £950. The illustrations in Variant editions 1 and 2 have been hand-coloured by the artist. Variant 1 is housed in a slipcase, and Variant 2 is housed in a Solander box with an original drawing from the book.



Püterschein-Hartland. Bruce Kennett.106 Gilson Road, Hartland, VT 05048, USA. Tel: +18024363262. Website:

W.A. Dwiggins. Edited by Bruce Kennett. Athalinthia: Seven Stories. 2023. 256 pages. 191 x 146 mm. Caledonia on Finch Fine Ultra Smooth Soft White Text 80-lb for body, with Mohawk Superfine Smooth White Text 80-lb for endpapers, with illustrations by Dwiggins (20 multi-color pochoir/stencil prints, 2 multi-color letterpress prints, 57 line drawings and/or hand-lettering, 25 watercolor paintings, 1 multi-color woodblock print, 1 multi-color silkscreen, 17 b&w and color photographs). Printed on Komori Lithrone, offset lithography, by Penmor Lithographers, Lewiston, ME (all illustrations reproduced in CMYK using high-definition stochastic screens and UV inks). 572 copies: 500 copies bound by Superior, Braintree, MA, Smyth sewn, casebound with a full-color (CMYK) wraparound cover printed on Mohawk Superfine Smooth White Text 80-lb, with matte nylon overlamination, price: $75.00; 72 copies on Mohawk Superfine Eggshell White Text 80-lb. for body, with Mohawk Superfine Smooth White Text 80-lb. decorated with a reproduction from a Dwiggins pochoir print for front and back boards, spine with hand-lettering, type, and decorations stamped in gold leaf on red goatskin, hand-sewn and -bound by Gray Parrot, Warren, ME, price: $400 (out of print). Dwiggins wrote these stories from 1910–1925. They are being published almost 100 years later! (His illustrations are from 1910–1952.)


Rooksmoor Press

Rooksmoor Press. Katie Beard. The Nook, Rooksmoor, Woodchester, Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK. Tel: +441452942139. Website:

George Behe. Letters from Titanic. 2022. 128 pages. 265 x 145mm. Monotype typesetting and hot metal casting in-house of Imprint and Gill Sans on 150gsm Bockingford, with 48 digital images of Titanic ephemera and portraits of the people who wrote the letters; rare deck-plan endpapers; a colour tip-in of an original postcard; a letterpress reproduction of a page of one of the letters; and a separate printed reproduction copy of the last menu produced on board. Printed in two colours on a Heidelberg Cylinder 18″ x 22.5″. 250 copies bound by Blissets of London in Colorado Jordan cloth, price: £300.

For this limited edition, George Behe, past vice president of the Titanic Historical Society, has selected 33 of the most moving and poignant letters to be sent by passengers from RMS Titanic, prior to and post her untimely sinking in the early hours of 15 April 1912. He provides the Introduction and fascinating mini-biographies of the letter writers featured. Foreword by Bob Richardson, Library Manager at St Bride, London.


Tudor Black Press

Tudor Black Press. Hugh Macfarlane 9 Rue de Frontenay, Lion de Marnes, Marnes, Deux Sevres 79600, FR. Tel: +337909955.968. Website:

Constance Maud. Lohengrin. 2022. 39 pages. 270 x 190 mm. Octavian on Zerkall mould made 145gsm off white paper, 6 wood engravings by Jenny Portlock. Printed on an Albion press. 50 copies: 45 copies bound at the Tudor Black Press in a quarter binding in Gitane blue leather, the boards with marbled papers by Payhembury, price: £245; 5 copies as above bound at the Tudor Black Press in a full binding in Gitane blue leather, blind tooled, with a set of engravings on Amalfi handmade paper housed in a Solander box, price: £550.00 (out of print). The wood engravings were designed and cut by Jenny Portlock, who is a member of the Society of Wood Engravers.