2022 Submissions

Peter Lawrence

Peter Lawrence. Peter Lawrence, 48 Lonsdale Road, 
Oxford OX2 7EP, UK. Tel:+44(0)7709 096 141. Website: www.peteralawrence.co.uk.

Peter Lawrence and Paul Dunmall. 20 Duets: Collaboration & Improvisation. 2022. 116 pp. 234 x 184mm. Lucida Bright on 170gsm Zerkall and 160gsm Naturalis Vanilla, 40 wood engravings by Lawrence and Dunmall. Printed on Albion and Cylinder. 40 copies: quarter cloth bound, price £175; 8 Special A copies: quarter cloth bound, plus portfolio with 2 further engravings, 8pp booklet and CD, all in a slipcase, price £375; as above, plus set of 20 engravings, all in a solander box, price £1375. A collection of wood engravings resulting from a unique collaboration between two engravers created in the spirit of free jazz – improvising on the same block showing both the “handover” and final images.


P22 Press

P22 Press. Richard Kegler, 25 E. Main St. Suite 125 Rochester, NY, USA. Tel: +1 716 903 6875. Website:  https://dryinc.com/collections/books.

Richard Kegler. A Specimen of Wood Type. P22 Press. 2021. 56 pp. 317 x 241 mm. Monotype Bell on 100lb Arjowiggins Utopia 2 Ivory Matte. Printed on a Vandercook – various models. 95 copies: 75 case-sewn and bound by Kegler in deep-red Asahi book cloth with gold foil-stamping (Nos. 1–37) or in yellow-orange Asahi book cloth with black foil-stamping (Nos. 38–75), end-papers of makeready sheets with multiple layers of ink unique to each copy, covers foil-stamped with the Hamilton Wood Type Collection ‘H’ logo at Boxcar Press in Syracuse, NY., price $599; 20 unbound copies printed as single-sided, unpaginated sheets (suitable for framing) and presented in a clamshell box in blue Asahi cloth made by book artist Leah Mackin, price $699. Features 26 wood type specimens hand-printed between January 2017 and October 2020 with original wood types referenced to digitize the Hamilton Wood Type Collection (HWT) from P22 Type Foundry; descriptive text set and cast in metal type at the Press & Letterfoundry of Michael and Winifred Bixler; and multicolor layouts to highlight the type designs printed with the actual wood type used to make these revivals.


Bonnefant Press

Bonnefant Press. Hans van Eijk, Pastoor Pendersstraat 21, Banholt 6262 PB, NL. Tel: +31 6 1105 7971. Email: bonnefantpress@gmail.com.

Eleanor Hooker. Legion. Bonnefant Press. 2021. 18 pp. 240 x 155 mm. 14 pt Bembo on Magnani vergata avorio mouldmade with reproduction of a painting in acrylics by Jeanie Tomanek. Printed on a Korrex Berlin proof press. 62 copies. Sewn into indigo blue Yearling covers with midblue Fabriano Tiziano wrappers, printed in two colours and black, price £40.

Nick Laird. The Beautiful Sentence. Bonnefant Press. 2021. 28 pp. 250 x 160 mm. Bembo 14pt on handmade Barcham Green Chilham (1977) Printed on a Korrex Berlin proof press. 52 copies: 22 in quarter vellum with yellow handmade Nepalese paper sides by Philipp Janssen (Boekbinderij Phoenix), price £185; 30 sewn into paper covers of yellow handmade Nepalese wrappers by Philipp Janssen (Boekbinderij Phoenix), price £95. A selection of poems from Nick Laird’s four collections, with two additional poems. Each copy is numbered in type.

Christopher Smart. Phaedrus and the Fox. Bonnefant Press. 2021. 16 pp. 205 x 135 mm. Jessen-Schrift on cream handmade Moulin de Larroque ‘Mouette’. Printed on a Korrex Berlin proof press. 50 copies: 36 sewn into wine red Yearling card covers and white Shin Inbe wrappers, printed in three colours, price £25; 14 in same binding, not for sale. The sixth and final issue in a series of pamphlets showing types designed by Rudolf Koch. In addition to the text-face, the covers also show Koch’s Maximilian-Antiqua capitals.


Red Eel Press

Red Eel Press. Samantha King. Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK. Website: https://www.redeelpress.co.uk/books.

Samantha King (ed). Granjon Flowers | Lockdown Lock-ups. Red Eel Press. 2020. 7 pp. 65 x 60 mm. 18pt Caslon and Monotype Granjon borders 202-5/502-3 on Tengucho White or Natural layered to 22 gsm using Tengucho 7.3 gsm. Printed on a Farley No.11 Proofing Press. 13 copies: 7 sewn into wrapper of Tengucho White, 6 into wrapper of Tengucho Natural, both variants with title printed in 18pt Caslon, end papers in Tengucho White/Natural 7.3 gsm, in a loose outer wrapper of Saint Armand’s Old Master, Crowsnest 90 gsm, both variants price £25. The book contains letterpress printed variations of the Granjon borders with no text, excepting the colophon and title page. This was the first book published by the press.

Samantha King (ed). Jack Townend | Monotype Borders | 1958. Red Eel Press. Printed 2020, published 2021. 8 pp. 65 x 60 mm. 18pt Caslon and Monotype borders 1346-9 designed by Jack Townend on Tengucho White or Natural layered to 22 gsm using Tengucho 7.3 gsm. Printed on a Farley No.11 Proofing Press. 34 copies: 18 sewn into wrapper of Tengucho White, 16 into wrapper of Tengucho Natural, both variants with title & colophon printed in 18pt Caslon, end papers in Tengucho White/Natural 7.3 gsm, in a loose outer wrapper of Saint Armand’s Old Master, Crowsnest 90 gsm, both variants price £25. This is the second book published by the press, containing letterpress printed variations celebrating the borders designed for Monotype by Jack Townend in 1958.


The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

No Reply Press. Griffin Gonzales, 1526 SE Elliott Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97214, USA. Tel: +1 503 367 0082. Website: http://www.noreplypress.com
T. S. Eliot. The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock. Introduction by Sir Christopher Ricks. 2020. 20 pages. 275 × 175 mm. Perpetua on Zerkall. Printed on a Vandercook Universal I proof press. 127 copies: 101 in quarter cloth with Zusia Dodin marbled paper-covered boards, price $185; 26 in quarter morocco with Zusia Dodin marbled paper-covered
boards, in a solander box, price $485.

The Reading Room Press

The Reading Room Press. Miles Wigfield, Coneygar Lodge, Quenington, Cirencester, Gloucestershire GL7 5BZ, UK. Tel: +44 (0)1285 750 662. Website: http://thereadingroompress.com.

Jenny Uglow, Nigel Tattersfield. Bewick’s Matchem. 2021. 16 pp. 236 x 170 mm. Caslon on Heritage Book White with illustrations by Thomas Bewick printed from line blocks and photographs of a copper medallion with Bewick’s engraving of the famous racehorse Matchem. Printed on Barrett Albion press. 120 copies. Case bound in quarter cloth with marbled papers by Victoria Hall, gold-blocked title on front cloth, price £48 + p&p.


Plain Wrapper Press Redux

Plain Wrapper Press Redux. Mark Fischer. 7887 N New Braunfels Avenue, San Antonio, TX 78209, USA. Tel: +1 267 250 6000. Website: https://www.plainwrapperpress.com.

John D. Wagner. The Kallima Butterfly. 2022. 7 pp. 292 x 203 mm. 16pt Centaur on Velké Losiny Prague with photogravure by John D. Wagner. Printed on 219 Vandercook. 80 copies, single signature handsewn into boards covered with Cinnamon Canapetta cloth; on the cover, Archive Bugra label with pressmark printed in black; book enclosed in a duplex Archive/Evergreen Bugra folder with four flaps; on the folder spine, Archive Bugra label with author and title printed in black; price $180. Book design and calligraphy by Jerry Kelly. The type was handset. Printing by Sandy Tilcock at the lone goose press. Binder: Jace Graf (Cloverleaf Studio, Inc.). Publisher Emeritus Gabriel Rummonds oversaw the project.


Greenboathouse Press

Greenboathouse Press. Jason Dewinetz, Box 1551 Vernon, BC, Canada. Tel: +1 250 938 9042. Website: http://www.greenboathouse.com.

Aaron Peck & Jason Dewinetz. Arranging Furniture. Greenboathouse Press. 2021. 72 pp. 325 x 235 mm. ATF Cloister Lightface & wood type on 150gsm Hahnemühle Biblio with twenty-five compositions printed directly from letterpress furniture in over 30 colours. Printed on a Vandercook 15-21 & 219. 70 copies: 60 in stiff full-paper binding of St Armand handmade with Barcham Green Charter Oak double-endsheets, sewn onto exposed linen tapes, cloth-covered slipcase, price $750; 10 copies as above with portfolio of 10 prints from the book, enclosed together in a full cloth drop-spine box, with a recessed paper label on the spine, and one of the forms of wooden furniture used to print the compositions mounted inside the upper tray, price $1500. Both editions bound by Alanna Simenson in Sooke, BC, Canada.



Wiesedruck. Sarah Horowitz, 170 W Center Street Leavenworth, WA 98826, USA. Tel: +1 503 233 1679. Website: https://www.sarahhorowitzartist.com.

Edgar Allan Poe. Conchyliorum: On Investigating Shells and Collecting. Sarah Horowitz, notes and annotation. Wiesedruck. 2020. 49 pp. 241 x 172 mm (9.5 x 6.75 in). Scotch Modern types on ‘Phoenix’, a flax, hemp and cotton paper (120 gsm) made expressly for this book by Gangolf Ulbricht, Kaji natural (kozo fibers), with 41 etchings by Sarah Horowitz. Printed on a Vandercook and Charles Brand Etching presses. 40 copies: 35 in boards covered in grey Hahnemühle Bugra, with etching (black all-over shell pattern), grey-green leather spine label stamped in gold, pink leather hinges visible, slipcase of fabric and paper, price $3500; 5 in full leather binding, inlaid pink and grey-green leather with gold stamping, spine as above, price: Sold out. All etchings in the deluxe variant are hand-colored with watercolors. Both editions bound by Claudia Cohen.


Luminice Press

Luminice Press. Thomas Parker Williams, 153 Carson St. Philadelphia, PA 19127, USA. Tel: +1 215 439 8871. Website: https://www.thomasparkerwilliams.com.

Mary Agnes Williams. Two Moons. Luminice Press. 2021. 24 pp. 203 x 203 mm. Hand-set 18 pt Park Avenue / 12 pt Janson on Classic Linen (body) and Washi Linen (spine), with 14 original images printed with Dremel-engraved polycarbonate plates and oil-based pochoir mylar stencils by Thomas Parker Williams. Printed on a Hand-built hydraulic hand press with electronic pressure sensing. 15 copies, modified dos-à-dos binding with painted and unpainted aluminum covers with cutout and paper liner, price $2,000.