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Editorial and Chairman’s Letter

Notes and News

Book Fair report | James Freemantle
Lawrence Durrell | Peter Baldwin
Special collections | Duncan Heyes
Contact Books | Alan Powers
Bard of the book | Andrew Schuller
Exhibition: The Grabhorn Press | Jerry Kelly
Zenon | Riccardo Olocco


Hermann Zapf | Jerry Kelly
Rigby Graham | Dennis Hall


Lac des Pleurs | reviewed by Dennis Hall
Pressed for Time | reviewed by Michael Taylor
T E Lawrence | reviewed by M C Lang
Shakespeare and Civilité | reviewed by Mark Askam
Edward Walters | reviewed by John Randle
R Hunter Middleton | reviewed Jerry Kelly
Behind the Dusty Glass | reviewed by Michael Taylor
Norman Janes | reviewed by John Gray
Old Stile Press | reviewed by Colin Martin
12 Poesie

Books Briefly Noted | Paul W. Nash


A book at bedtime | reviewed by Swithin Crumb