Parenthesis 16

The Fine Press Book Fair | Michael Taylor
Reynolds Stone | Alan Powers
Reynolds Stone: lettering | Humphrey Stone
Hermann Zapf | Jerry Kelly
The Morison Lectures | Ian Rogerson
Whatahell! | Simon Loxley
Kickshaws | Thorsten Sjölin
Selling the goods | Sophie Schneideman
E McKnight Kauffer | Graham Twemlow
In memoriam Kay Amert | Robert Bringhurst
Ann Muir | Barry McKay
Paperback | John Downer
Cards by José Mendoza


Sylvae | reviewed by John Randle
Six Poems | reviewed by Nancy Campbell
Ebble Valley | reviewed by Colin Martin
The Lino Bird | reviewed by Dennis Hall

Books Briefly Noted | Paul W. Nash

Reference Shelf

Ravilious Engravings | Peter Sampson
The Printing of a Masterpiece | Andrew Johnson
The Schmoller Collection | David McKitterick
Gruffyground Press | Crispin Elsted
Jan Tschichold   61 | Sebastian Carter

Letterpress: a celebration | Sebastian Carter


A book at bedtime | Swithin Crumb