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News & Commentary

In Brief
Chairman’s Letter | Robert McCamant


Oak Tree Fine Press | Nancy Bray
The Larkspur Press | Bob Baris
Working with Ronald Searle | Dennis Hall

Lives Lived

Gerald Giampa, 1950–2009 | Robert Bringhurst


Leonard Baskin and the Art of Printing | Sid Berger
The Early Days of Bird & Bull Press | Henry Morris

New Markets

Selling to a Niche Market: Some Personal Reflections | Jeremy Wilson
From Fine Press to Trade Books: Some Thoughts on Changing Sides | Dennis Hall


Le Crapouillot | Mike Barnes
Postage Stamps by Designers of Metal Types | Michael Russem


Drawing with Smoke | Russell Maret
Design Casebook: Lumiere Press | Michael Torosian
Hell-bent for Codex | Judith Rothchild
Making The Vandercook Book | Barbara Henry and Roni Gross

In Type

Remaking Gutenberg’s Donatus-Kalendar Type | Mike Anderson


Mediæval in Padua | reviewed by Robert Bringhurst
Five Poems | reviewed by Bruce Whiteman
A Legacy of Letters | reviewed by Andrew Hoyem
An American Gallery | reviewed by David Evans
Airs & Angels and Mad Farmer Poems | reviewed by Jan Elsted
Insecta | reviewed by Alice Schreyer
W2LZX | reviewed by David Pankow

Reference Shelf

The Surface of Meaning | reviewed by Sebastian Carter
book art object | reviewed by Paul Razzell
In Black & White: A Wood Engraver’s Odyssey | reviewed by Pete Lawrence

Books Briefly Noted | Paul W. Nash