Parenthesis 15

News and Commentary

Editorial | Paul Razzell
Chairman’s Column | Robert McCamant
Letter to the Editor | Paul W. Nash
Parenthesis Turns 10 | David Jury
Society of Wood Engravers Seventieth Exhibition | Miles Wigfield
The Kelmscott Chaucer Census | William and Sylvia Peterson

In Memoriam

Remembering Paul Hayden Duensing | Richard L. Hopkins


Printing in the Shadow of Aldus Manutius | Peter Koch
The Revival of the Petrarch Press | William Bentley

History & Methods

Cui Bono? Printing the Greek and Latin Classics in a Semi-Literate Age | Bruce Whiteman
Fine and Private Press Editions of Rudyard Kipling | David Alan Richards
Sylvae: an Adventure in Fine Printmaking | Gaylord Schanilec

In Type

Henk Kreijger and the Raffia Initials | Peter Enneson

Reference Shelf

Designing the Mentoring Stamp | Barry Moser
New Vintage Type | Crispin Elsted
book art object | David Jury


Georgics | reviewed by Crispin Elsted
Prometheus Bound | reviewed by Bruce Whiteman
The Role of Line in Art | reviewed by C.J. Fox
On Collecting William Morris | reviewed by Fran Durako
Hung out to Dry | reviewed by Phil Cleaver
Antarctica | reviewed by John Russell
Leaves from the Pie Tree | reviewed by Andrew Steeves
Mimpish Squinnies | reviewed by Charles van Sandwyk
The Double Escape | reviewed by James P. Delgado
In Darkest England | reviewed by Crispin Elsted
Dutch Silverpoints | reviewed by Paul Delaney
Coincidental Pleasures | reviewed by Michael Barnes
Playground Football | reviewed by Jeremy Wilson
The Intimate Stranger | reviewed by Susan M. Allen
Pshaw!: 30 Years of Poltroonery | reviewed by Kyle Schlesinger
Beckett’s Last Words and Poems of the Great War | reviewed by Sebastian Carter

Books Briefly Noted |  Paul W. Nash