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News and Commentary

A Tribute to Dennis Hall | Rigby Graham
Selling the Goods | Michael Taylor
Bridges on the Backs | David Gentleman
The Spectatorpers | Sebastian Carter
Stepping Up to the Stone | Christopher Wakeling
Sussex Printmakers | Dennis Hall
Non-fiction Books | Willem Keizer
Parvenu Press | Dennis Hall
Fine Press Poetry 2 | Crispin Elsted

Events and Exhibitions

Fifth Friends of St. Bride Conference | Simon Loxley
Bood Design: Past, Present and Future | Sebastian Carter
Contemporary Book Design | Jerry Cinamon
The Codex Symposium | Martyn Ould
Literary Circles | Sebastian Carter
Unregulated Printing | Martyn Ould


Mark Arman | John Randle
Tom Colverson | Dennis Hall
Bernard Taylor | Carl Darrow
Anatolii Kalashnikov | W. E. Butler

Reference Shelf

School Prints | Jeremy Greenwood
Jan Tschichold | Jerry Cinamon
Collected Lapidaria | Jim McCue
Picturing and Poeting | John Trevitt
The Ancient Mariner | Sebastian Carter
Do You Believe in Crafts? | Sebastian Carter
Handmade Type | Sebastian Carter
The Bookman’s Wake | Swithin Crumb


Whittington: Pages from Presses | reviewed by David McKitterick
Old Stile: Leading the Cranes Home | reviewed by Nancy Campbell
Incline: Burin, Box, and Board | reviewed by Simon Brett
Hedge Sparrow: The Pride of Mankind | reviewed by Anthony Dowd
Inferno: Sem Hartz and Juliana | reviewed by Dave Farey

Books Briefly Noted | Paul W. Nash