Parenthesis 29

Fall 2015 | Number 29 | Robert McCamant, Editor


Chairman’s Letter, Jason Dewenitz
Janus at 60: Performance and Participation, Michelle Cloonan
The Chapbook Legacy: Lovat, Crawhall, and others recast the form for Britain in the 20th Century, David Jury
Irma Boom: Autonomously Assigned, Mathieu Lommen
North Bay Warp & Weft, Jennifer Sime
In Memoriam: The Holloway Press (1994-2014), Francis McWhannel
J. Davis and Chris Adamson: Collectors, interviewed by Robert McCamant

Th Playbook, Th Workbookreviewed by Russell Maret
Love in the Time of War, reviewed by Jean-Francois Vilain
Me, Myself, and the Monkeyface Eel, reviewed by Lisa Dunseth
Jenson’s Greek, Lullaby for David Mitchell, reviewed by Paul F. Gehl
DOC/UNDOC, reviewed by Elizabeth Curren
Mappae Mundi, Spaceship, reviewed by Caren Heft
Brooklyn’s Rescued Bestiary, reviewed by Jane Rodgers Siegel
Sensuous Lines, reviewed by Jerry D. Meyer
Domestic Incidents, Channel & Flow, reiewed by Inge Bruggeman
The Eternal Letter, reviewed by Paul F. Gehl
History of the Monotype Corporation, reviewed by Mark Batty
Printing as a Way of Life, reviewed by Bruce Whiteman
Gutenberg’s Apprentice, reiewed by Swithin Crumb

Books briefly noted, Paul W. Nash






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