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From the Chair | Inge Bruggeman

From the Editor | Nina Schneider


“I am just this odd thing that likes to print:” An Interview with Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr. | Aaron Cohick

The Tunnel Book (aka Peepshow) in History and Contemporary Use | Emily Martin

Shifting Geographies of the Book: An Interview with T-Kay Sangwand | Corinna Zeltsman

Paper Talk with Susan Joy Share:
An Interview | Helen Hiebert

Claire Van Vliet and Janus Press: Phaenomena | Felicia Rice

Expanding Back to Our Roots: The C.C. Stern Type Foundry | Rebecca Gilbert and Brian Scott Bagdonas

Book Fairs are Back! | Russell Maret

THESIS: The School of Art at the University of Arizona | Karen Zimmermann (edited by Leah Mackin)


Molly Holden. Sudden Immobility: Selected Poems of Molly Holden, Mission, British Columbia: Barbarian Press | reviewed by Sidney E. Berger

Peter Rutledge Koch. Ur-Text Vol. II: Speculum Mundi, Berkeley, California: Editions Koch | reviewed by Aaron Parrett

Sara Press and Laurie Whitehill Chong. Evolve = Unroll, Sebastopol, California: Deeply Game Productions | reviewed by Alejandro Sanchez-Nuñez

Cathy Ryan. Chronicle,
Minneapolis, Minnesota: Cathy Ryan | reviewed by C. B. Sherlock

Veronika Schäpers. Das müssen Sie mir erst einmal beweisen / First You Have to Prove it to MeKarlsruhe, Germany: Veronika Schäpers | reviewed by Ruth R. Rogers

Rhiannon Skye Tafoya. Ul’nigid’
Rosendale, New York: Women’s Studio Workshop | reviewed by Jessy Randall

Kyle Schlesinger, editor. A Poetics of the Press:
Interviews with Poets, Printers, & Publishers, Brooklyn, New York: Cuneiform Press and Ugly Duckling Presse | reviewed by Ruth-Ellen St. Onge

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