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Chairman’s letter


Vivian Ridler: Master Printer | Colin Ridler

Crafting Arcadia: Notes from Collaborators and Friends of Ian Hamilton Finlay | Greg Thomas

Enigma | Jeremy Tankard

Matrix: A Survey of the Whittington Press Journal, 1981–2020 | Sebastian Carter

Lost in Cartography | James Clough

The Hirundo Press: The Fine Press that Looks Like a Swallow | Robert Crawford

Frank Holme and The Bandar Log Press | Paul Shaw

New Light on Signature | Michael Taylor

Artists’ Books Now: Evenings at The British Library | Jeremy Jenkins

Photopolymer Plates: It Is The Result that Counts | Phil Abel

Book and Exhibition Reviews

Will Carter: Man of Letters | David McKitterick

Richard Wagener, From Here and There | Jamie Murphy

Graham Williams, A Collection of Printing from Woodblocks, on a Diversity of Papers Mark Askam

Christopher Wakeling, Sabon: Tschichold & Hochuli Dan Reynolds

Alan Robertson: Blogging in Print | Will Hill

Books Briefly Noted

Robert Bolick

Collecting and Collections

The National Poetry Library | Will René