Parenthesis 36


Chairman’s Letter | Martyn Ould

The Allegra typeface | Jost Hotchuli
Book Fair report | James Fremantle
Edition M&M | Wilfried Onzea
Samizdat | David Jury
Edward Bawden | Colin Martin
The PHS Keepsake | Paul W Nash
Shelf Appeal | Alan Powers
An author’s dilemma | Sidney Berger
Experimental covers | Christopher Wakeling
Obituary: Iain Bain | Simon Lawrence


Elizabeth Friedlander | Colin Martin
Annette Friedrich | Colin Martin


Sedna and the Fulmar | reviewed by Nancy Campbell
The Resplendent & Notorious Jay | reviewed by Gaylord Schanilec
Blackrock Sequence | reviewed by Peter Raby
The Twelve Labours of Hercules | reviewed by John Randle
Running Rings | reviewed by John Grazy
W. A. Dwiggins | reviewed by Martin Antonetti

Books Briefly Noted | Paul W. Nash

Book arts to souvenirs
A book at bedtime | Smithin Crumb

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