Parenthesis 37

Front Matter

Letter from the North American Chair | Russell Maret,
Letter from the Editor | Julia Skinner


Notes on a Keepsake for Parenthesis 37 | Sidney E. Berger
Two Canadian Enterprises | Joyce Majiski & Dennis Cooley
Book Excerpt: The Golden Age of Type Revivals | Jerry Kelly
The Visual Vocabulary of Sonia Delaunay in La Prose du Transsibérien | Kitty Maryatt
Codex 2019: Report from the Show Floor | Colin Martin
Codex 2019: The Symposium | Ken Botnick
Stan’s going to make a beautiful book | Jandos Rothstein
Letters As Models: Printed lettering model books | Mathieu Lommen
Employed To Collect :An Interview with Krystyna Wasserman | Rick Black
Thesis: University of Nevada, Reno, | A.B. Gorham


Dialog of A Midsummer Night’s Dream | reviewed by Paul Nylander
Typesetting on a Winter’s Afternoon | reviewed by Max Yela
Ham On Rye | reviewed by Jean-françois Vilain
In Japan | reviewed by Sidney E. Berger
Sea Air | reviewed by Jeremy Jenkins
Über Das Verschwinden | reviewed by Sara Langworthy
Emblems | reviewed by Julia Skinner
A Golden Thread | reviewed by Michael Ryan
Borderbus | reviewed by Jonathan Stone
Time | reviewed by Elizabeth Curren
The Almighty Starshaped | reviewed by Russell Maret
A Stick of Green Candy | reviewed by Jean-françois Vilain
The Space Between | reviewed by Russel Maret
Monique Lallier: A retrospective | reviewed by Andre Chaves
Booknesses | reviewed by Fran Durako

Back Matter

In Memoriam: Henry Morris | Sidney E. Berger
Books Briefly Noted compiled | Paul W. Nash