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Chairman’s letter | Martyn Ould

Bordering on the Sublime | Crispin Elsted
Impresión tipográfica | Christopher Wakeling
Froben Antiqua | Ueli Kaufmann
The Kessler Collection | Jean Khalfa
Letter from the Antipodes | Andrew Schuller
Ultrabold | Simon Loxley | Ferdinand P. Ulrich


Tschichold in St Gallen
The Working Library | Andrew Hoyem
Bookish places…Only connect | Colin Martin


Exoticum | reviewed by Robert Bringhurst
A Boy at the Whittington Press | reviewed by Richard Russell
In the Service of Scholarship | reviewed by Jerry Kelly
Ron Holloway
The Lost Watercolours of Edward Bawden | reviewed by Colin Martin
The Limited Editions Club | reviewed by Christopher T. Adamson
Dunbar Hay | reviewed by Colin Martin
A Modest Proposal | reviewed by Russell Maret

Books Briefly Noted | Paul W. Nash

Giovanni Mardersteig
A book at bedtime | Swithin Crumb

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