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Editorial & News

Editorial Policy: Some Clarifications | Crispin Elsted
Exhibition: Ninety from the Nineties
Vamp & Tramp Buys Califia | Rollin Milroy
Octavo Editions: CD Roms for the Literate | E.M. Ginger


Two Recollections of John Dreyfus, 1918–2003 | John Randle and Robert Bringhurst
Helen Lee, 1920–2004 | Eileen Callahan
Sandra Kirschenbaum, 1938–2003 | Linea Gentry


Index Appears as Final Issue of Fine Print | Crispin Elsted
Report on the Judges’ Choice Awards at the 2003 UK Fine Press Book Fair | Tony Cox
The Mainzer Minipress Book Fair and Neighbouring Printing Museums | Willem Keizer
Reid’s Leaves and What Followed | Crispin Elsted
Jim Rimmer and the Making of Tom Sawyer | Paul Razzell
Bernard Taylor & the Press of Appletree Alley | Ann de Klerk
To Stretch the Night | Tara Bryan

History & Methods

Some Thoughts on My Approach to the Livre d’artiste | Walter Bachinski
Parchment Making at Meyer & Sons Tannery | Nancy Campbell
Papermaking in Paradise: A Tale | Hélène Francoeur
The Quest for Ink | Stephen Heaver


The Golden Ratio | reviewed by Michael Barnes
Janus Press | reviewed by Simone Mynen
Ninja Press | reviewed by Crispin Elsted
Oak Knoll Press | reviewed by Eric Swanick
University of California Press | reviewed by Michael Barnes
Walking Bird Press | reviewed by Kevin Major
Primrose Hill Press | reviewed by John Randle
British Library and Oak Knoll Press | reviewed by Crispin Elsted
Spanish Fly Press | reviewed by Simon Brett
Whittington Press | reviewed by Michael Barnes
Whittington Press/Locks’ Press | reviewed by Jan Elsted
Whittington Press | reviewed by Andrea Taylor
The pierpont Morgan Library | reviewed by Crispin Elsted
Wood Lea Press | reviewed by Simon Lawrence

Books Briefly Noted