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A Message from the Editor | Crispin Elsted


Dwight Agner, 1940–2002 | Stephen Heaver
Decherd Turner, 1922–2002 | Gerald Lange and Janet Ragland


A Visit to the Tern Press | Anthony Dowd
An Awareness of Julie Chen | Connell Gallagher
Printing Projects in the Netherlands | Hans van Eijk

History and Methods

A Visit to an Ink Factory | Stephen Heaver
George Barbier on Pochoir: Art Deco Ballet and Theatre | Adela S. Roatcap
The Tao of Repetitive Tasks | Walter Bachinski
An Affinity by Design: Digital Type Foundries Respond to Letterpress | Gerald Lange
Bartkowiak’s Forum Book Art: A Commitment to the Future | Jadwiga Jarvis

Private Libraries

The Library at Benison’s | Iain T. Benson


The Bieler Press | reviewed by Decherd Turner
Bridge Press | reviewed by David Evans
Caliban Press | reviewed by Crispin Elsted
Evergreen Press | reviewed by David Chambers
Fleece Press | reviewed by Stephen Saxe
Incline Press | reviewed by Crispin Elsted
Ink-A! Press | reviewed by Gerald Lange
The Fell Revival | reviewed by Jerry Kelly
The Press on Scroll Road | reviewed by Jan Elsted
The Primrose Academy/Barbarian Press | reviewed by Simon Brett
Primrose Hill Press | reviewed by Crispin Elsted
Rampant Lions Press | reviewed by Phil Cleaver
Robin Price, Publisher | reviewed by Betty Bright
Clarellen/Car Graphic Arts Press | reviewed by Gerald Lange
Oak Knoll Press | reviewed by Gerald Lange

Books Briefly Noted