Parenthesis 6

Events & Notices

Introduction & Bound to Please | Martyn Ould
Oak Knoll Fest 2000 | Dennis Hall
Oxford Fine Press Book Fair 2001 | Michael Taylor


Will Carter | John Trevitt
John Ryder | Iain Bain
Bill Pardoe | David Wishart

Museums & Galleries

Ditchling Museum | John Smith
Upton House | Dennis Hall
William Morris Gallery | Norah Gilbert

Problems & Presses

Not Christmas Again | Dennis Hall
Progressive Prints for a Colour Wood-Engraving | Gaylord Schanilec
Still Life with Flowers | Crispin Elsted
Salon Page(s) 4, Christine Tacq & Heather Hunter
Private Press Fair | Hamburg 2001 | Willem Keizer
Illustration: Across the Millennium Divide | Leo de Freitas
New Seizin Press | Simon McMinn
Sleepwalking with Monkeys | Michael Harrison
New Arcadian Press | Jack Chesterman
Design of the Typeface Ellington | Michael Harvey
The Evil Eye, Birds and the Sea, Artists’ Book Reviews and Books 2 Eat Tea Party | Bernard Roberts
Edwin Smith and Olive Cook | Dennis Hall


Marco’s Animal Alphabet & The Captain’s Table | reviewed by Dennis Hall
John Petts and The Caseg Press | reviewed by David Knott
Encounters | reviewed by Jonah Jones
Masks and Other Poems | reviewed by Richard Price
A Choice of Churches | reviewed by Olive Cook
Margaret Wells | reviewed by Linda Holmes
Prints Abound | reviewed by Gordon Gumn
Old Stile Press Bibliography | reviewed by Stephen Massil
Wood Engravings of David Gentleman | reviewed by Crispin Elsted
A Border Specimen | reviewed by Sebastian Carter
A Short Essay | reviewed by Paul Razzell
Matrix 1-20 | reviewed by Ruari McLean
Memoirs of Herr von Schnabelwopski | reviewed by Hilary Paynter
Johnston’s Underground Type | reviewed by Alan Powers
Die Edition Tiessen | reviewed by Willem Keizer
Illustrations for The Rime of the Ancient Mariner | reviewed by Denis Andrews
Oxford Guild of Printers’ Project | reviewed by Rigby Graham
Paper from Plants | reviewed by Helen Heibert
W. A. Dwiggins | reviewed by Anne C. Bromer

Forgotten or Neglected Books
Life of the Dead | Dennis Hall
Sculptures of Kilpeck | Anthony Dowd
Abandoned Books | Trevor Weston
That Vile Press | Dennis Hall