Parenthesis 40

Parenthesis 40

Chairman’s letter | Martyn Ould
Editorial | Sebastian Carter

Notes and news

Lam in the Wren | Jean Khalfa
Private Press Books | Paul W. Nash
An Arctic Alphabet | Nancy Campbell
The typographer | David Jury
The visual world at play | Crispin Elsted
The title page | Sidney Berger
Letter to the editor | Rick Gekoski
A Show of Hands | Graham Moss
An Albion in the Antarctic | James Freemantle
Architectural Review covers | Alan Powers
John Buckland Wright | Willem Keizer


Aubrey Beardsley at the Tate | Colin Martin
About Hawkland | Jeremy Tankard


Colin Franklin | Michael Taylor

Book reviews

Chimneys in the Sun | reviewed by Colin Martin
Emery Walker | reviewed by David McKitterick
Reynolds Stone | reviewed by Andy English
Dutch Types | reviewed by Claire Bolton
Bokeh | reviewed by Colin Martin
Vessel of Secrets | reviewed by Brian D Cohen
Archive of Styles | reviewed by Phil Baines
2020 Vision | reviewed by Colin Martin
Six Centuries of Type & Printing | reviewed by Sheena Calvert
Books briefly noted | Paul W. Nash


A book at bedtime | Swithin Crumb