Parenthesis 24


Editorial and Chairman’s letter

imprints | Melanie Kenyon
Paul Nash | Brian Webb
Pear Tree Press | Tara McLeod
Akke Kumlien | Thorsten Sjolin
Just on sabbatical | Peter Baldwin
Lumiere Press | Kristen Adlhoch
McMinn cards
A Celtic envoi | Rosemary Roberts
Old School Press | Dennis Hall and Carol Manheim
Formal | Marc Weymann
An emerging discipline | Gerry Leonidas
Exhibition report | Colin Martin
Glasgow Bookfair | Peter Grant
Letter from the Antipodes | Andrew Schuller
Letterpress at St Bride | Richard Lawrence


Peter Sampson | Neil Jennings
Nicholas Parry | Frances McDowall, Alan May


E. R. Weiss | reviewed by ]erry Kelly
The Book of Books
Giambattista Bodoni | reviewed by Colin Martin
About More Alphabets | reviewed by Simon Loxley
Obsessions and Confessions | reviewed by Michael Taylor
Beautiful Bookbindings | reviewed by Colin Martin
Unfortunate for the Ants | reviewed by Paul WNash

Books briefly noted | Paul W Nash


A book at bedtime | Swithin Crumb

Unsigned contributions are by the editor.