Officers & Board

The FPBA has a unique trans-Atlantic organizational structure with distinct boards, which work collaboratively, in North America (looking after members in he US, Canada, and South America) and the United Kingdom (taking care of members in the Rest of the World). The UK team looks after the Oxford Fine Press Book Fair and the spring issue of Parenthesis, while the NA branch heads up the New York Fine Press Book Fair and the fall issue.

North American Officers


Inge Bruggeman, Chair
Sarah Horowitz, Vice Chair
Lexi Janezic, Membership Secretary
Allison Chapman, Treasurer
Nina Schneider, NA Editor, Parenthesis


Ben Blount
Jason Dewinetz, Website
Rob Fleck
Suzanne Glémot, Deluxe Keepsake Coordinator
Ian J. Kahn
Ellen Knudson, Advertising
Sara Langworthy, Student Memberships
Emily Martin, Journal Archive/Shipping
Dina Pollack, Book Fair & Website
Jane Siegel, Secretary & FPBA Archive
Ruth-Ellen St. Onge, Social Media

Inclusivity Fund Grant Committee

Inge Bruggeman
Lexi Janezic
Sara Langworthy
Ruth-Ellen St. Onge

United Kingdom Officers

Martyn Ould, Chair
David Jury, U.K. Editor, Parenthesis
Angela Ould, U.K. Secretary
Chris Wakeling, UK de luxe portfolio coordinator
Bill Butler
Sebastian Carter
Simon Lawrence
John Randle
Michael Taylor

Black Lives Matter

A Statement from the Americas Chapter of the Fine Press Book Association

The board members and officers of the Americas chapter of the Fine Press Book Association (FPBA) decry police brutality against Black people and stand with those who protest ongoing racial injustice and who are working towards antiracism.

As a board, we pledge to examine how systemic racism manifests in our own organization and in the field of fine press printing, and to work to ensure that the FPBA and the fine press and book arts communities are truly welcoming to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) printers, artists, curators, collectors, and scholars. We are looking specifically at:

  • Ensuring diverse voices and viewpoints in the authors and topics featured in the Americas issues of the FPBA journal, Parenthesis. This includes articles, reviews, and contributors to the deluxe portfolios;
  • How we can use the resources of the FPBA to increase opportunities in the field for BIPOC members of our community, such as through (but not limited to) grants and professional development programming in the following areas:
    • FPBA board membership
    • FPBA sponsored student memberships;
    • Exhibitors at FPBA-sponsored fairs.

As an immediate first step we have established a new grant fund to offset the exhibition cost of book fairs for emerging and mid-career BIPOC printers and artists. The logistical details of this new fund will be finalized at our annual meeting in October 2020; at that time, they will be made available on the FPBA website and published widely.

Moving forward, we commit to assessing the FPBA’s performance in these identified areas of concern and to report back annually to the membership on progress made in each area.We know that this is a difficult and complex matter. For too long, the FPBA has remained silent on issues of equity and justice. We are committed to this work and to ensuring that the FBPA is inclusive in terms of race; ethnicity; gender identity or expression; and sexual orientation. A new committee of board members from the Americas chapter of the FPBA has been formed to lead these actions and discussions, and includes Aaron Cohick, Alexandra Janezic, Sara Langworthy, and Ruth-Ellen St. Onge. If you have any questions, comments, or ideas please address them to Ruth-Ellen at [email protected].

Statement originally published in August 2020. Details of the new Inclusivity Fund will be made public in the spring of 2021.