Parenthesis 4

Events & Exhibitions

Introduction | Martin Ould and John Randle
FABS & ACBA | Carol Grossman
Sixth Oak Knoll Fest & 1999 Oxford Fair | Cynthia Hollandsworth
1999 Artists Book Fair | Simon Brett
Christmas and New Year Books and Cards | Dennis Hall
Autographic Litho | Bernard Cheese
A Juicy Boy | Peter Bailey
Rigby Graham at Melton Mowbray | John Davies
Shirley Jones at Brecnoc | Beth Cook
Margaret Pilkington at Manchester | Rosemary Marsh
Barbara Jones at Marlborough | Brian Webb

Museums & Galleries for Bibliophiles

Printmaking Museum, Gravelines | Rigby Graham
Brangwyn Museum, Bruges | Gordon Gumn
British Library | Richard Price
Bristol Industrial Museum | Bernard J. Seward
Gutenberg Museum, Mainz | Pauline Pauker

Problems & Presses

A Note on Octavian | Sebastian Carter
The Example of Fine Print | Robert D. Harlan
Linotype, the Eighth Wonder of the World | Bruce N. Washbish
Fine Folio Editions | Paul Nash
The Peacock Press | Dennis Hall
The Gregynog Bindery | Anthony Dowd
Symbol+Metaphor+Fable | Sandra Kroupa
Bernard Bracaval | Dr Lindsay Newman


The Arion Press Bible | reviewed by Carol Grossman
British Wood-Engraving 1904–1940 | reviewed by Hal Bishop
Mr Derrick Harris | reviewed by Bernard Roberts
History of the Greenwood Press | reviewed by Jack Stauffacher
Codex Espangliensis | reviewed by Janice Braun
Venice Visited | reviewed by Miriam Macgregor
New Castle | reviewed by Vance Gerry
An Anamorphic Alphabet | reviewed by Dr Leo de Freitas
Ask the Fellows Who Cut the Hay | reviewed by Joanna Selborne
Speaking of Book Art | reviewed by Marcus Campbell
Cyril or the Small Woodcuts | reviewed by Dennis Hall
The Architextures | reviewed by Robert Bringhurst
Ode to Typography | reviewed by John Hart
The Face of War | reviewed by Wendy Coates Smith
The Revelation of St John | reviewed by Dr Dechard Turner
Matrix 19 | reviewed by John Trevitt
Another Book that Never Was | reviewed by Thomas J. Tobin
Inishbream | reviewed by Carol Grossman
The Charm of Birds | reviewed by Simon Brett
The Beech Tree | reviewed by Dennis Hall
Angels | reviewed by David Burnett
New Borders | reviewed by Patrick Fox
Peter Reddick | reviewed by Dr Trevor Weston
Bible Plants | reviewed by Rosemary Roberts
Books Briefly Noted
Arion Press in Jeopardy | reviewed by Carol Grossman