Officers & Board


The FPBA has a unique trans-Atlantic organizational structure. The President is the only officer for both North America and the United Kingdom. Other officers and board members work on their own side of the water.


North American Officers

Russell Maret, Chair
Robert McCamant, Chair
Lexi Janezic, Membership Secretary
Suzanne Hamlin, Treasurer
Nina Schneider, NA Editor, Parenthesis
Bob Baris
Aaron Cohick
Carl E. Darrow
Jason Dewinetz
Rob Fleck
Ian Kahn
Sara Langworthy
Robert McCamant, Advertising
Abigail Rorer
Jane Siegel
Ruth-Ellen St. Onge

United Kingdom Officers

Martyn Ould, Chair
Sebastian Carter, U.K. Editor, Parenthesis
Angela Ould, U.K. Secretary (pro tem)
Bill Butler
Simon Lawrence
Frances McDowall
John Randle
Michael Taylor