Ten Poems

New Book 2020: Ten Poems

Gibraltar Editions, Ten Poems. “This is an unbound book of 10 poems. Each poem was printed over the woodcut on separate sheets of Kitakata 7 1/2 inches (h) x 14 (w). The sheets are folded in thirds and stacked, each with a bi-fold slipsheet. Title and colophon are printed on sheets of cover wt Speckletone. Wrapped in a folded cover of Speckletone with a 1/2 inch paper band. Title and publisher printed on the wrappers. Printed to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Nebraska’s statehood and the publication of the comprehensive “Nebraska Poetry: A Sesquicentennial Anthology, 1867 – 2017” (Daniel Simon, editor) 20 copies available for $350. 195 by 122 mm.