Booklyn Announces Fair Opposite NYC Armory Fair

From their press release:
“Only forty 2.5ft. x 6ft. tables at $400.00 each, for the 2 days of the fair, are available, with a limit of 4 tables per artist, artists’ group, organization or press. (Sorry: no multiple table discounts, as we are making this as affordable as possible.) ¶ All participants can also submit a proposal for general assembly presentations resonant with the 2019 Fairs theme, “Resistance and Resonance, how have the recent Art Build, Me Too, March For Our Lives, Black Lives Matter, BDS, Immigrants Rights, Gender Justice and Standing Rock direct action movements affected the field of creative publishing? ¶ All participants will receive significant amounts of free passes for their audiences and fans. ¶ Our partner the New York City Book and Ephemera Fair will be running shuttles from the ABAA show all day both days and will join Booklyn in doing extensive promotion for both fairs.”
It appears that FPBA may need to announce their plans somewhat earlier this year to avoid having its exhbitors drained off by Booklyn’s efforts.
–Bob McCamant