Prize winners announced at FPBA Oxford Book Fair

3/25/2018: Judges’ Choice Awards went:

—to Elies Plana, Barcelona, for an edition of the poem “Neijmantototsintle” by Ateri Miyawatl, with illustrations by Francisco Villa, editioned and printed by Elies Plana.

—to Salvage Press, Dublin, for “A Modest Proposal” printed by Jamie Murphy.

—to Grapho Editions, North Yorks UK, for “Running Rings” with relief prints and editioning by Paul Kershaw.

Oxford Guild of Printers awards to:

Book: “Pandemonium” by Rachel Marsh of Semple Press.

Single section booklet: “Wind” by Annette Disslin.

Single sheet ephemera: prospectus for “Kinship & Light”.