A smallish book exhibit in Dublin

Imagine a place in your city with a nifty sign like this, pointing to an honest-to-goodness museum where they display printing equipment. Sign Add to that, they have some space where they can stage changing exhibits. No, to my knowledge, you would not be in any major American city.

This one would be in Dublin, across the pond in Ireland. I’d seen the museum before, but now they were having an exhibit of hand-printed books, and they invited me to show one, so I contrived to add Dublin to another trip, and here I was. To me it is also of interest because of the opportunity provided by having a single curator pick all the books in a show. In the end, there was a bit of politics…Irish presses were included, naturally. But Jamie Murphy, who had cut a wide swath through this year’s Codex with his handsome books and his gift of gab, is able to pick books that stand out. These were the presses represented:

Barbarian Press
Bonnefant Press
Celtic Cross Press
Deep Wood Press
Distillers Press
Editions Koch
Electio Editions
Grafikverkstan Godsmagasinet
Heavenly Monkey
Incline Press
Ithys Press
Lone Oak Press
Mary Plunkett
Midnight Paper Sales
Old School Press
Old Style Press
Pear Tree Press
Russell Maret
Salvage Press
Sherwin Beach Press
Stoney Road Press
Two Ponds Press
Whittington Press
Wild Apple Press

ShowAtWidth This image is of 2/3 of the show as it stretches down the aisle. Do look at the FPBA Facebook pages for additional photographs.

–Bob McCamant