p98a_designwillsavesmMind you, no books yet. But he does claim to have retired from Edenspiekermann and FontShop. The idea of his new “letterpress workshop” P98a (in Berlin) is to print posters, which sell for 98 each. (That’s 98 in dollars, pounds, and Euros–whichever you use. Tough luck, Brits.) I get this news from a new magazine called Lagom, which you can purchase as a PDF or on paper. (But no freebie online edition. You must pay to read.) It says its “in celebration of people who make a living from their passion,” and the first issue leads with a story about a paper goods shop attached to a design studio, followed by a story about two ad agencies which keep bees in central London.

Since he’s printing all posters, you might think Spiekermann would use photopolymer–but no, he seems to use wood and Plakadur, the resin composite used by Berthold to make their large poster type. This info is from the P98a web site, which is free.

–Bob McCamant