This afternoon I was looking at the many delicious ephemeral items that were included in the deluxe edition of Parenthesis 21 and thought I would share one with you: this is Richard Seibert’s ‘Sappho, 2’ broadside. (The broadsheet is too big for my scanner, so you don’t see the bottom half of the sheet, which shows a Sappho poem set in Matthew Carter’s Wilson (Greek types) en face with Seibert’s English translation set in Mark van Bronkhorst’s Verdigris type.) Such a handsome piece of work!


An apple a day is a fine thing — and so is a daily dose of Sappho. Here is Sappho by way of Richard Seibert:


Leave Crete and come to me in this

Holy cleft; find welcome

In this apple thicket, in this sacred

Hearth, in this mist of incense,


Where cool water trickles

Through apple boughs,

In this young place,

Shadowed by murmuring leaves,

Where trance reigns down,


In this stallion-feeding ground

Where spring flowers bloom

With gentle scent […


[  …  ]


& wholly here, you] …. [Love,

Drink gently from golden cups,

And feed on what the Gods eat.


Huge thanks to Richard Seibert for this translation and for his generous contribution to the deluxe edition of Parenthesis 21. The image is copyright 2011 by Fritz Springmeyer. Printed by Richard Seibert in an edition of 115 for the fall 2011 issue of Parenthesis.


— Paul Razzell