Greenboathouse Press, Jan van Krimpen, and a 3-week Typographic Adventure

As Jason Dewinetz’s latest blog post attests, there is no point in doing things by half-measures: if you are going to write a bibliography of every book designed by Jan van Krimpen, you had better lay your hands on every one, and that is just what Jason has set out to do, travelling from British Columbia to New York, Belgium, Holland, and New Jersey to compile a thorough list of books designed by Van Krimpen between 1914 and 1956.

At his Greenboathouse Press blog, Jason offers an overview of his trip, with photographs from visits to the Meermanno Museum of the Book in The Hague, the Enschedé Museum in Haarlem, the Plantin-Moretus Museum in Antwerp, and the Dale Guild Typefoundry in Howell, NY.

I was intrigued by Jason’s phrase “‘goody bags’ of ephemera designed by Van Krimpen” (in the post’s Holland section). I had never considered the possibility of goody bags being connected with such things!

I look forward to seeing the fruits of Jason’s research. Read about his typographic adventure here.

— Paul Razzell