Russian-born book artist Vladimir  Zimakov is happy to see that the trade press is looking in on what fine presses and book artists are doing. The biennial Codex Book Fair in Berkeley is a great place for designers to get inspired!

Zimakov holds up his lino cut print of Moby Dick, along with the recent Penguin Classics edition of the Melville classic using his art on the cover.

Zimakov’s letterpress edition of Nikolai Gogol’s Diary of a Madman (above) and the Penguin Classics trade edition using one of his linocuts as cover art (below).

Click on the link below to listen to Zimakov talk about how his lino cuts have found their way onto the covers of Penguin Classics, Random House, Faber and Faber and other trade editions. He is surprised, he says, to find himself “in the company of the greats.”

»Vladimir Zimakov on trade book design and fine press publishing

Below are two spreads from Zimakov’s ongoing limited-edition book series called The Book of Sounds. It’s sort of  an alphabet book for synesthetes.

The “Sh” page. When I hear the sound “SH” it sounds like plastic bags blowing in the trees,” says Zimakov.

The “F” page: “It sounds like a royal sound to me,” says Zimakov. “So the image is a queen walking a fish….a little bit absurdist!”

Click on the link below to hear Zimakov talk about the book and the concept.

»Vladimir Zimakov and The Book of Sounds

~Suzanne Ahearne