FPBA is helping any private press or book artist promote their book . . . for free

Need to expose your books to a targeted audience of fine-press enthusiasts, collectors, librarians, dealers, and publishers?

The FPBA offers a very useful free service to any private press who fills out the New Books form at https://fpba.com/news/addnewbook.html. Submit the form and your new book will be listed

1. On the FPBA’s New Books page (https://fpba.com/news/new-books.html)

2. In a forthcoming issue of Parenthesis, the journal of the FPBA.

3. The FPBA Newsletter

4. In the Private Libraries Association’s annual bibliography Private Press Books.

And we’ll try to promote as many as we can through

Go to https://fpba.com/news/addnewbook.html for full details.

Don’t be shy! Let’s see your great work!

— Paul Razzell