Nigel Beale, who blogs over at Nota Bene Books, just posted this audio interview with Bob Fleck of Oak Knoll Books, Publisher of Oak Knoll Press, and longtime FPBA member. Nigel met with Bob recently ‘to talk about the story of his company, about his love of books, of A. Edward Newton, of traveling the globe to meet fellow bibliophiles, of visiting used bookstores, and of the plan Bob has to partner with Between the CoversThe Kelmscott Bookshop, and The Old Bookshop of Bordentown, to convert the second story of his existing premises into a new store called The Bookshop in Old New Castle,’ which opens May 1.

Click here to see a slideshow of the process of remodeling the premises of the Old Bookshop in New Castle.

Top: Bob Fleck. Photo copyright Nigel beale.

Below: Converting Oak Knoll Books into the Old Bookshop in New Castle.

— Paul Razzell