Lens, the photojournalism blog of The New York Times, ran a short introduction to Lumiere Press’s marvelous Paul Caponigro: On Prior Lane: A Firefly’s Light (2008). As many of you know, Lumiere Press publishes limited-edition books of photography and nearly all facets of the production of the books are carried out single-handedly by the publisher, Michael Torosian.

NYTimes writer Niko Koppel touched on Torosian’s year-long involvement with the production of the book but for those who want to read, in Torosian’s own words, the many false-starts, dead-ends, and sudden bursts of inspiration that led to the finished work, you should see his illustrated  article “Design Casebook: Lumiere Press,” which appears in the most recent issue of Parenthesis.

Here, Torosian describes his process of book design as “a circuitous route in search of the inevitable.” We have all read of authors who struggle with their vision and revisions, who deliberate for hours over the placement of commas and so forth: Michael Torosian is a book designer who invests the same energy into developing a design that is “umbilically linked” to the subject matter of the book.

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— Paul Razzell