I received this note from Dutch graphic design student Yvonne van Wanrooij. I expect many you will have pointed thoughts on the subject.

My name is Yvonne van Wanrooij and I currently study graphic design at the arts academy in Maastricht (Holland). Right now I am graduating and my subject has to do with the craftmanship of graphic design.

Nowadays it seems almost nothing is produced by hand. In graphic design, at least, the Mac is the main instrument used to produce work.

I would like to know how people think of craftsmanship. Does the current society leave any place for craftsmanship? Does it have added value at this point in time? What does it entail? Is it purely a way in which to produce something, or does craftsmanship have to do with more: is it a way of life, a way to look at life?

If anyone could respond to these questions, it would be a great help to me and my research. Not only do I find it interesting to know how others feel about this subject, but others could bring me more clarity on the subject. Send your thoughts to this email: y.v.wanrooij@gmail.com

Thank you!
Yvonne van Wanrooij