Betty Bright, writing in the latest issue of The Bonefolder, announces she has received a research grant to ‘explore the ‘phoenix-like revival of interest in letterpress printing’ in recent years.’ In particular, she will explore ‘the larger histories of art and book art from 1980 to the present, in order to determine how letterpress printing fits into that picture.’

Bright will be seeking stories and commentary from letterpress printers, moderating a blog pertaining to this research, and will publish her findings in The Bonefolder. We will post more information about Bright’s research as we hear of it. Read her full announcement here.

Bright is the author of No Longer Innocent: Book Art in America, 1960 to 1980, the first comprehensive history of the book art movement in America, which was reviewed in Parenthesis 13 by Kathleen Walkup.

— Paul Razzell