Stephenson, Blake Today

Rob Firth over at British Letterpress writes about the new housing development being built in part of the historic Stephenson, Blake Foundry in Sheffield. Rob writes:

“The historic building, in the St Vincent’s conservation area with connections stretching back to William Caxton, Wynkyn de Worde and William Caslon, became a folorn sight. But today, as the conversion project moves on apace, the exterior is beginning to give off the swagger and confidence that it must have displayed when nearly 600 workers toiled to produce metal type as the firm, over five generations, quashed its competitors to become dominant in Britain and the Commonwealth.” Read the full article here. Check out the devloper’s concept drawings here. Check out the developer’s hyperbole here:

“116 new build apartments set around a sensational glazed atrium space. The architecture promises to be dramatic and stimulating, creating a future Sheffield property icon. High construction budgets have ensured that the designers have had a free hand to create a future landmark.”

The developers’ web page seems out of date. Does anyone have any recent photos of the development?

–Paul Razzell