Fine Press Book Association now on Facebook

A note from Paul Razzell:

As many of you know, the Fine Press Book Association (FPBA) is an organization of individuals interested in the art of fine printing formed with the goal of promoting the appreciation of beautiful books and printing skills.

In addition to the FPBA website (, we are now online at The Facebook site offers FPBA members the ability to upload images of ther recent or forthcoming books along with descriptions, ordering information, and links back to presses’ own websites. The goal is to increase exposure of member-presses’ books.

Please see You need to “join” — which takes about two minutes. Then use the search field to find Fine Press Book Association. This service is easy to use and it is free.

Once you’re there, I strongly encourage all of you to post images of your latest or forthcoming books with full descriptions, and links to your own websites (or the websites of dealers’ who sell your books). It is this information that will catch viewers’ eyes. So don’t be shy!