Kat Ran Press: One Step Closer to Multinational Corporation?

The Offices of Kat Ran Press have announced another move. Apparently Georgia is out and Massachussetts is in:

Did We Say Georgia? The Staff of Kat Ran Press is pleased to announce the establishment of a temporary Boston outpost for the summer and autumn while we search for permanent offices in the area. During this time of transition, the Athens, Georgia, offices are being dismantled so that we can concentrate on our presence in what we often heard the Georgians call “The People’s Republic of Massachusetts.” We can now be reached at:

The Transitional Offices of Kat Ran Press for Typography
44 High Street #2
Charlestown, Massachusetts 02129

The Florence Offices of Kat Ran Press for Printing
221 Pine Street #108
Florence, Massachusetts 01062

Phone. 413-584-1152
E.mail. michael(at)katranpress.com

Also note, if you haven’t already, that Kat Ran Press has a totally redesigned website, so be sure to stop by there for a visit if you haven’t in a while.