Mark Twain’s Four Weeks in England

I was wandering by the new books shelves in my place of work when a particular book spine caught my eye, mainly because the combo of the author/editor name (Lathem) and the lettering made me wonder if it was a book designed by Dean Bornstein. Sure enough, the colophon indicated that indeed this was a new production by Dean and his Perpetua Press. I can’t find any details online, so I’ll provide what information I can glean from the book itself (and perhaps Dean will leave a comment on this post with other details).

Mark Twain’s Four Weeks in England 1907 …
edited by Edward Connery Lathem
Designed and typeset by Dean Bornstein at The Perpetua Press, Peacham, Vermont
for The Mark Twain House & Museum, Hartford, CT
The typeface is Monotype Bulmer and the book was printed at Meridian Printing and bound at Acme Bookbinding. I’m not sure of the price, but it’s a fine looking book and everyone should get a copy.