Private Press Books (the annual bibliography)

I was under the impression that Private Press Books, the annual bibliography published by the Private Libraries Association, was defunct. Paul Nash was kind enough to show me the error of my ways, letting me know that Private Press Books 1999, 2000, and 2001 were published in 2004. For those who are interested, copies can be purchased from the Private Libraries Assoc. (it’s much cheaper if you’re a member – and if you are interested in fine printing and collecting, you should consider becoming a member).

If you are a fine printer/producer of private press books, please consider submitting information about your publications (past and current) so that others around the world can know of your existence. If you send information to Fine Press News (aeoluspress [at] yahoo [dot] com) about current publications, the editors of Private Press Books will in turn, I hope, include the information in the appropriate bibliography. You may also want to contact the editors directly, in which case I submit the following information dutifully copied from p. 5 of Private Press Books 2001:

In this checklist the entries for presses in the British Isles, Europe, Africa and Australasia have been prepared by Paul W. Nash, 8 Fairfield Drive, Witney, Oxfordshire OX28 5LB [England], who also compiled the list of books and articles relating to private printing, with help from the other editors. Entries for presses in Canada were prepared by Margaret Lock, 231 Johnson Street, Kingston, Ontario K7L 1Y2, Canada; and those for the United States by Asa Peavy, P.O. Box 422185, San Francisco, California 94142-2185, U.S.A. Any information on books and presses which we have missed will be very gratefully received, as will data on entries missing from the ‘Literature of Private Printing’ section.