Parenthesis 31
Movable Book Artists Who Move Me, Kyle Olmon
Fantasies and Hard Knocks, review by Mark Batty

Parenthesis 30
Contact Books, Alan Powers
Pressed For Time, review by Michael Taylor

Parenthesis 29
Janus at 60, Michele Cloonan
Th Playbook, Th Workbook, review by Russell Maret

Parenthesis 28
Enitharmon Editions, Stephen Stuart-Smith
Loom, review by Colin Martin

Parenthesis 27
Life & Death in Driftless, Wisconsin, Alastair Johnston
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, review by Tom Taylor

Parenthesis 26
Continental Divide, Charles Whitehouse, Caroline Saltzwedel, Michael Caine
Chromatic tales of two cities, review by Colin Martin

Parenthesis 25
Visible Shivers Running Down My Spine, Hedi Kyle has an unstructured chat with Alastair Johnston
Dan Carr, remembrance by Brian D. Cohen
In Visible Cities, review by Martin Antonetti

Parenthesis 24
Pear Tree Press, Tara McLeod
Nicholas Parry: two tributes, remembrances by Frances McDowall and Frances McDowall

Parenthesis 23
The Dale Guild's New Guard, Russell Maret
The Art of the Book in California: Five Contemporary Presses, Crispin Elsted

Parenthesis 22
Breaking rules: The insistent vision of Ken Campbell, Mark Dimunation
Zweibelfische, review by Richard Healy

Parenthesis 21
The Private Press Activities of William Addison Dwiggins Part 1, Bruce Kennett
French Renaissance Printing Types, review by Andrew Steeves

Parenthesis 20
Literature of Liberation, Charles Chadwyck-Healey
Enclosures, review by Andrew Johnson

Parenthesis 19
Developments in Wood Engraving over the Past 25 Years, Simon Brett
The Importance of Being Earnest, review by Crispin Elsted

Parenthesis 18
The TDU, Christopher Wakeling
Eric Ravilious: The story of High Street, Colin Martin

Parenthesis 17
Oak Tree Fine Press, Nancy Bray
book art object, Paul Razzell

Parenthesis 16
Reynolds Stone: A Centenary Tribute, Alan Powers
In memoriam Kay Amert, Robert Bringhurst

Parenthesis 15
Printing in the Shadow of Aldus, Peter Rutledge Koch and Susan Filter
Henk Krijger’s Raffia Initials, Peter Enneson

Parenthesis 14
The Spectatorpers: The Press of Bram de Does, Sebastian Carter
Collected Lapidaria, review by Jim McCue

Parenthesis 13
Wood Engraving: The Art of Wood Engraving & Relief Engraving, review by Abigail Rorer
Harry Carter, Typographer, review by Michael Barnes

Parenthesis 12
Vance Gerry: The Printer from Pasadena, Adela S. Roatcap
The Inward Laugh & Edward Bawden / Editioned Prints, review by Nigel Weaver

Parenthesis 11
Excerpts from Carving the Elements: A Companion to the Fragments of Parmenides, Editions Koch
The English Scene, review by Gaylord Schanilec

Parenthesis 10
Lubki: The Wood Engravings of Old Russia, Adela Roatcap
Virginia Woolf & the Raverats: A Different Sort of Friendship, review by William E. Butler

Parenthesis 9
Jim Rimmer & the Making of Tom Sawyer, Paul Razzell
The Life and Work of Robert Gibbings, review by John Randle

Parenthesis 8
Some Delays at Oxford University Press, John Randle
Three Alices, Alan White

Parenthesis 7
The Fell Revival, review by Jerry Kelly

Parenthesis 6
A Border Specimen, review by Sebastian Carter

Parenthesis 5
Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, review by Crispin Elsted
Sensibly Sized Small Books, Kenneth Auchincloss

Parenthesis 4
New Borders: The Working Life of Elizabeth Friedlander, review by Patrick Fox
The Example of Fine Print, Raben D. Harlan

Parenthesis 3
Mr Moser Climbs His Everest, Doug Kessler
'Inwards Where All the Battle Is . . .', review

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