June 2003 | Number 8 | Dennis Hall, Editor

A Plea for Initial Letters, Dennis Hall
Dust Wrappers by English Artists
Linocutting in Scotland, Linda Farqueson
The Stoneman, A poem. Matthew Hollis
Who Needs Dolly? Eric Spiekermann

Chronically Constipated Books
Goblin Market, Hilary Paynter
Llareggub . . . or Buggerall, Michael Mitchell
The Return of A. J. Raffles, Dennis Hall
Pleasure Deferred, Kathy Whalen
Some Delays at Oxford University Press, John Randle

Problems & Presses
Ron King and the Circle Press, Rudolph Ellenbogen
English Books by Contemporary Dutch Private Presses, Willem Keizer
San Francisco Center for the Book
An International Celebration of the Book Arts
How the Old Stile Press Came to Love the Photopolymer Plate, Nicolas McDowall
The Other ‘Mac’, Harry McIntosh
Inkjet Printing, Gordon Gumn
Some Technical Considerations, Adrian Lack
Repeat-Pattern Papers from FPBA
In Memoriam: John Dreyfus, John Smith
Creating Good Impressions, John Smith
UK Fine Press Book Fair 2003
Press Fairs since 2001
Private Libraries Association
The Russian Artist’s Books of Mikhail Karasik, Erast Kusnezov
Pixie Books from India, Priya Pereira
Bookmakery Elephant’s Tail, Radoslaw Nowakowski

Forgotten or Neglected Books
Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, David Knott
The Battle of the Frogs and Mice, Dennis Hall

Book Reviews
Three Alices, Alan White
Front Cover, Dennis Andrews
An Insect Alphabet, David Blamires
Richard Shirley Smith, Rigby Graham
John Lawrence, Frank Martin
Private Press Books 1992–1993 and 1994–1998, Jim Beall
Images of Engraving, Martyn Ould
An Alphabet in Praise of Frogs and Toads, Kathy Whalen
Tonge’s Travels, Guy Bentinck
Three Fishing Books, Keith Harwood
Forty Years of the Magazine Illustration
Circus, William Moore
Oscar Wilde: A Plea and a Renaissance, Willem Keizer
Stephenson Blake, Keith Stubley
The Book Decorations of Thomas Lowinsky, Brian Webb
The Anthony Dowd Collection, John Byrne
Searle & Searle, Wendy Coates Smith
Books Briefly Noted, Paul W. Nash           
Chairman’s Piece
Alphabet Book Competition/FPBA and Clarion, 2002
Design a Book of Fables: Competition for 2004