November 2002 | Number 7 | Crispin Elsted, Editor

A Message from the Editor, Crispin Elsted

Dwight Agner, 1940–2002, Stephen Heaver
Decherd Turner, 1922–2002, Gerald Lange and Janet Ragland

A Visit to the Tern Press, Anthony Dowd
An Awareness of Julie Chen, Connell Gallagher
Printing Projects in the Netherlands, Hans van Eijk

History and Methods
A Visit to an Ink Factory, Stephen Heaver
George Barbier on Pochoir: Art Deco Ballet and Theatre, Adela S. Roatcap
The Tao of Repetitive Tasks, Walter Bachinski
An Affinity by Design: Digital Type Foundries Respond to Letterpress, Gerald Lange
Bartkowiak's Forum Book Art: A Commitment to the Future, Jadwiga Jarvis

Private Libraries
The Library at Benison's, Iain T. Benson

The Bieler Press, Decherd Turner
Bridge Press, David Evans
Caliban Press, Crispin Elsted
Evergreen Press, David Chambers
Fleece Press, Stephen Saxe
Incline Press, Crispin Elsted
Ink-A! Press, Gerald Lange
Old School Press, Jerry Kelly
The Press on Scroll Road, Jan Elsted
The Primrose Academy/Barbarian Press, Simon Brett
Primrose Hill Press, Crispin Elsted
Rampant Lions Press, Phil Cleaver
Robin Price, Publisher, Betty Bright
Clarellen/Car Graphic Arts Press, Gerald Lange
Oak Knoll Press, Gerald Lange

Books Briefly Noted