August 2001 | Number 6 | Dennis Hall, Editor

Events & Notices
Introduction & Bound to Please, Martyn Ould
Oak Knoll Fest 2000, Dennis Hall
Oxford Fine Press Book Fair 2001, Michael Taylor

Will Carter, John Trevitt
John Ryder, Iain Bain
Bill Pardoe, David Wishart

Museums & Galleries
Ditchling Museum, John Smith
Upton House, Dennis Hall
William Morris Gallery, Norah Gilbert

Problems & Presses
Not Christmas Again, Dennis Hall
Progressive Prints for a Colour Wood-Engraving, Gaylord Schanilec
Still Life with Flowers, Crispin Elsted
Salon Page(s) 4, Christine Tacq & Heather Hunter
Private Press Fair, Hamburg 2001, Willem Keizer
Illustration: Across the Millennium Divide, Leo de Freitas
New Seizin Press, Simon McMinn
Sleepwalking with Monkeys, Michael Harrison
New Arcadian Press, Jack Chesterman
Design of the Typeface Ellington, Michael Harvey
The Evil Eye, Birds and the Sea, Artists' Book Reviews and Books 2 Eat Tea Party, Bernard Roberts
Edwin Smith and Olive Cook, Dennis Hall

Book Reviews
Marco's Animal Alphabet & The Captain's Table, Dennis Hall
John Petts and The Caseg Press, David Knott
Encounters, Jonah Jones
Masks and Other Poems, Richard Price
A Choice of Churches, Olive Cook
Margaret Wells, Linda Holmes
Prints Abound, Gordon Gumn
Old Stile Press Bibliography, Stephen Massil
Wood Engravings of David Gentleman, Crispin Elsted
A Border Specimen, Sebastian Carter
A Short Essay, Paul Razzell
Matrix 1-20, Ruari McLean
Memoirs of Herr von Schnabelwopski, Hilary Paynter
Johnston's Underground Type, Alan Powers
Die Edition Tiessen, Willem Keizer
Illustrations for The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Denis Andrews
Oxford Guild of Printers' Project, Rigby Graham
Paper from Plants, Helen Heibert
W. A. Dwiggins, Anne C. Bromer

Forgotten or Neglected Books
Life of the Dead, Dennis Hall
Sculptures of Kilpeck, Anthony Dowd
Abandoned Books, Trevor Weston
That Vile Press, Dennis Hall