Spring 2016 | Number 30 | Sebastian Carter, Editor

Editorial and Chairman’s Letter
Notes and News
Book Fair report  James Freemantle
Lawrence Durrell  Peter Baldwin
Special collections  Duncan Heyes
Contact Books  Alan Powers
Bard of the book  Andrew Schuller
Exhibition: The Grabhorn Press  Jerry Kelly
Zenon  Riccardo Olocco

Hermann Zapf  Jerry Kelly
Rigby Graham  Dennis Hall

Type specimens

Book reviews
Lac des Pleurs  Dennis Hall
Pressed for Time  reviewed by Michael Taylor
T E Lawrence  reviewed by M C Lang
Shakespeare and Civilite  reviewed by Mark Askam
Edward Walters  reviewed by John Randle
R Hunter Middleton  reviewed Jerry Kelly
Behind the Dusty Glass  reviewed by Michael Taylor
Norman Janes  reviewed by John Gray
Old Stile Press  reviewed by Colin Martin
12 Poesie

Books briefly noted  Paul W. Nash

A book at bedtime  reviewed by Swithin Crumb