Spring 2013 | Number 24 | Sebastian Carter, Editor

Editorial and Chairman’s letter
imprints, Melanie Kenyon
Paul Nash, Brian Webb
Pear Tree Press, Tara McLeod
Akke Kumlien, Thorsten Sjolin
Just on sabbatical, Peter Baldwin
Lumiere Press, Kristen Adlhoch
McMinn cards
A Celtic envoi, Rosemary Roberts
Old School Press, Dennis Hall and Carol Manheim
Formal, Marc Weymann
An emerging discipline, Gerry Leonidas
Exhibition report, Colin Martin
Glasgow Bookfair, Peter Grant
Letter from the Antipodes, Andrew Schuller
Letterpress at St Bride, Richard Lawrence

Peter Sampson, Neil Jennings
Nicholas Parry, Frances McDowall, Alan May

Book reviews
E R Weiss, ]erry Kelly
The Book of Books
Giambattista Bodoni, Colin Martin
About More Alphabets, Simon Loxley
Obsessions and Confessions, Michael Taylor
Beautiful Bookbindings, Colin Martin
Unfortunate for the Ants, Paul WNash
Books in brief

Books briefly noted, Paul W Nash
A book at bedtime, Swithin Crumb
Unsigned contributions are by the editor.