Fall 2012 | Number 23 | Paul Razzell, Editor

Editorial and Chairman’s letter
Letters to the Editor
Friedrich Neugebauer and the Neugebauer Press, Bruce Kennett
The Dead Feminist Broadsides, Chandler O'Leary and Jessica Spring
A Tale from the Political Jungle, Michael T. Ricker
The Private Press Work of W.A. Dwiggins, Part 3: Puterschein-Hingam and Related Projects, 1930-1956, Bruce Kennett

In Type
Dale Guild's New Guard, Russell Maret
Victor Hammer's Personal 'I', Peter Thomas

Students and Schools
Finding an Academic Home in the Book Arts Community, Kerry McAleer-Keeler
'What are You Studying?,' Sydney Jean Reisen
Thirty Years of Book Arts at the University of Alabama, Steve Miller

Do Old and Rare Books Have a Future? Bruce Whiteman

Copy and Print
Weather Bird Press's 'The Standing and the Waiting'

Book reviews
'Design' Series, Antique Collectors' Club, Crispin Elsted
Archaeologies of Loss, Wiesedruck Suzy Taraba
Art of the Book in California, Stanford U Libraries, Crispin Elsted
La Fatigue du Mareriau, Editions Denise Lapointe, Elizabeth Fischbach
Codex Mexico Exhibition and Catalogue, Codex, Michael T. Ricker
Interior Skies, Two Ponds Press, Bruce Whiteman
Specimens of Diverse Characters, Russell Maret, Mark Dimunation
Letterpress, Rotovision Crispin Elsted
Pioneer Valley Paste Papers, Catawba and Kat Ran, Sidney Berger
Steichen: Eduard et Voulangis, Lumiere Press, Lauren Henkin
Three Poems by Walt Whitman, Press on Scroll Road, Jean-Francois Vilain
Type Works, Interval Press, Jean-Francois Vilain
A Vision of Order, Whittington, Paul Razzell
Wandering Broadsides, Peter and Donna Thomas, Max Yela

Books briefly noted, Paul W Nash