Autumn 2009 | Number 17 | Paul Razzell, Editor

News & Commentary
In Brief
Chairman’s Letter, Robert McCamant

Oak Tree Fine Press, Nancy Bray
The Larkspur Press, Bob Baris
Working with Ronald Searle, Dennis Hall

Lives Lived
Gerald Giampa, 1950–2009, Robert Bringhurst

Leonard Baskin and the Art of Printing, Sid Berger
The Early Days of Bird & Bull Press, Henry Morris

New Markets
Selling to a Niche Market: Some Personal Reflections, Jeremy Wilson
From Fine Press to Trade Books: Some Thoughts on Changing Sides, Dennis Hall

Le Crapouillot, Mike Barnes
Postage Stamps by Designers of Metal Types, Michael Russem

Drawing with Smoke, Russell Maret
Design Casebook: Lumiere Press, Michael Torosian
Hell-bent for Codex, Judith Rothchild
Making The Vandercook Book, Barbara Henry and Roni Gross

In Type
Remaking Gutenberg’s Donatus-Kalendar Type, Mike Anderson

Reviews of Press Books
Mediæval in Padua, Robert Bringhurst
Five Poems, Bruce Whiteman
A Legacy of Letters, Andrew Hoyem
An American Gallery, David Evans
Airs & Angels and Mad Farmer Poems, Jan Elsted
Insecta, Alice Schreyer
W2LZX, David Pankow

Reference Shelf
The Surface of Meaning, Sebastian Carter
book art object, Paul Razzell
In Black & White: A Wood Engraver’s Odyssey, Pete Lawrence
Books Briefly Noted, Paul W. Nash